As kids we used to laugh about Unforgiven, as some friends gained tattoos of this unforgiven…our crowd was ruthless… our toes were never stepped on, and we never turned our heads. I and or we would meet you in the middle With PURPOSE.

If it was in the middle of a Park, the middle of a Lake. Even the middle of each other’s territory. As kids we rarely thought of time existing past what ever situation we were facing at that point.

Forgiveness was not part of my make up. We would put war paint on almost daily. Stand strong for what we knew, not so much what we believe in. We only believed in each other “Unity”

Today is a different time, different situation. I don’t put on war paint as a child or fighting in the ring as a man. Now, it’s a daily battle in the Supernatural Spiritual world. Now I put the The Armor of God Daily…

This is where I’m different in my ways now. You reap what you sow, what you give will be multiplied. We are to turn after being struck. We are to forgive those who do not know.

All of the slandering of my name, my credibility as a person of his word, lies continuing on and on. As others take on stories and soak it in your minds… I can say this from my heart…I forgive each of you, Derrick Hazze (Black Wolf) for the continued pressure in a hard time at the loss of my grandfather. I forgive you. For the continued pressure at that time to listen to me but only pick out what you want to hear. Yes the film will have my grandfather in it, in his casket.. yes it will.

Nicholas Shrek, all of your extensive research and hard work picking and pulling from others for years to know exactly what Charles Manson did and what he ate last, how he would put his pants on. You knew, or you could find out and call it your’s…Nick the bashing and continued slander. I forgive you. Today, I’m letting a few of you go. I forgive you, because of Gods Grace brother. Bruce Fox the co-Leader of the Channels Group, The Ranch Hans. Man as much trash and pictures you have had posted about me. Wow sometimes I almost wish I was young and dumb again. I would come see you, but I’m not so I forgive you. At the time of a lot of hard choices and pressure from all around me. Everyone wanted ashes and a portion of the remains. Each person wanted something from the Hospital 🏥. Anything, documentary notes to hair from his head. Even at the time of death 💀 his close ones wanted and wanted more. I forgive you, I forgive you for the extra added pressure at the time of a loss. All of the pressure at the time of finding the right funeral home… being sure no one followed… your welcome and I forgive you…thank you for listening to me but only waiting to hear the words you want to hear, then hold me tight to them in a confusing time…

Out of what some think was a disaster others see a grandson stepping up and doing what no one else could… your welcome, I forgive you.

As I was just a tool for some people that were there at the funeral ⚰️. Your welcome.

There was a small group of people that road together. Billy Gram, Tony Miller and Tony Sparrow/ former private detective and police officer. The picture was taken by this group of people. A picture Harvey Levin would of done anything to get his hands on. Well we know that Nicholas Shrek and Derek Hazou back and support Tony Miller, and claims he had nothing to do with the picture going into TMZ’s hands. Now that Tony has 4-8 counts of sexual assault… is he still you buddy, no he is not. Now Bruce Fox (Stoner) places Tony’s pic and my own up on his FB page and discredits Miller and places is together. It’s ok, I forgive you. Still to this day Tony Sparrow is claimed to be innocent. Any and all blame is placed on me. Everyone wanted ashes, well I handed them out at the spreading of the ashes. As many took their handful with their own intentions involved.

All actions have a reaction. Your actions and now my reaction. Or play it in your court. My action and your reaction. I forgive you, if we are different but you can’t forgive me for what you think I’m doing wrong.??.

My grandfather last outfit is now in a protected Musium of a friend. The black box that is there also, once the funeral director spun the thick bag, put the tag 125 on the cremation bag, that was it. Once the funeral director put the bag of ashes in the urn ⚱️. He handed me my ring back along with a few more metal pieces. I was in search of one more ring, not really thinking there would be anything left. As Less, Jonathan and I went back to the oven, I sifted in all cracks of the oven. Hoping to find the second ring. Nothing, as I put the ring on I thought of the others that were there and the metal that I got back. I wanted each piece to go back to the original owner.

The cremation ash and bone that was steadily baking on the walls came down, into a catch can, placed in a black box and taped shut.

These Historical artifacts will be in a safe place for a very long time. This will give society a chance to cry, spit or laugh at the image of my grandfather. Many don’t care, some care more than they should. The loved ones will care forever.

As each person who reads this will take what they need from it.

Frontline Warrior Outreach

Jason FreeMan-