Exactly 47 years ago to the day Charles Manson and his friends were convicted.

47 years Later his grandson is on his way to LA County in Califorina to claim his grandfather. Pulling himself away from his family, home and Local Church functions.

As we all have battled many issues in life, Mr.Freeman is taking a big chunk out of a situation many would not even look at as a option. The weight of the world and society is something his grandfather did not want in Jason’s life. As most people who know Mr.Freeman. He has been a fighter all his life. From boxing in the back yard as a child and moved into Martial Arts as a young kid with his dad. Then had a lengthy Boxing 🥊 & MMA career that he holds tight to his side. < strong>Jason: ” I started training in a dirty basement with rusty weights. Deric and I never looked for the top gyms, we just looked to be the top athletes in our area. And we did, we were both apart of a State Championship Wrestling team and great program. Along with a wonderful football program. The Coaching staff were like family as we grew up.”< strong> “I have never backed down from a fight. Physical fights these days are out of the question, I’ve gained to much respect for myself to conduct in a manner that would cause me to lose respect from the communities I Love.”< em>Mr.Freeman is a Spiritual man that carries a heart that many people would say “very few men have a heart for others like this young man” < strong> Believing that God has his hands placed on you for a bigger reason than you could imagine, that’s where Jason’s Spirit, Heart and mind is Daily.< strong>Q:We asked him a question. What keeps you walking a straight path in like?< strong>A: My wife moved us to Florida, we have sharks on both sides, it’s pretty easy to keep my nose clean.< strong>Q: What roll does your wife plan in your life?< strong>A: That’s a easy question but much deeper spiritually than you have time for. God placed her in my life.< strong>Q: Was there a shift in your life that brought you together with your grandfather?< strong>A: I was a Co-Writer of my first book. Knocking out the Devil. A couple close friends of my grandfather’s reached out to me for him. We had our first phone call while working in Pennsylvania for a Gas & Oil Company. It moved slowly from there. < strong>Q: There is a rumor many people are talking about. How can you talk about forgiving the ones who walk on you or talk bad about you behind your back? How do you handle so much strife?< strong>A: I don’t hold their card’s. I’m not sure the anger in each persons life. If they feel the need to point it toward me, it’s just words put together to express their personal feelings. If I personally did nothing, then why would I take their anger personal. I have always had a gift of letting people look and point. But a mans actions speak volume over words. < strong>Jason,< strong> We are thankful for you sharing just a little about yourself. We know your busy and focused. Thank you for working with us on this article. < strong> Good luck on the 2 court dates coming up. January 26th and January 31st will be another Historical moment across the world. < strong>James Thomas <