where ever you are in life God is there. In our live’s we all feel alone from time to time, if not more than less. God Know’s Your Pain. Some can relate to other people’s pain, but it’s different for everybody. Some mind’s can take the Pain of this world and walk through it, Other’s need assistance. Other’s need a support group, true friend’s that cast no judgment, and don’t talk behind you but speak in front of you.

I ask that you speak and spread power and life into your neighbor! Treat your neighbor as yourself

The Good Word uses Neighbor so we can get a closer look from our eye’s and see our Neighbor. Then apply that same action to The World. No one ever said Life would be easy or get easier. Some of us are not sure how to tone down a angry situation. We may add to the fuel instead of tossing sand or water.

Just remember, today is a new day. Before the Sun comes up to Feed the World, As you sleep God has a plan for you…Before you put your kid’s to bed last night…God has his plan set for you…

We don’t walk out our day’s not knowing what’s coming next. Most of us plan our next day, prepare and schedule our day’s out by the hour. We can’t walk in Blind Faith…This is a sign of Blind Faith. He see’s a picture. Say’s he want’s that! He then sit’s down and closes his eye’s. With 100% Faith that he will receive what he asked his father for. As his Father watches over him, looking down and seeing his little mind excited for what is coming.

That’s how we need to be. Staying in consistent communication with the Lord so we can walk in Blind Faith!

“A transformation from one lifestyle to another takes more than who we are”

It takes family and growth.. The Lord must be the center…Family is not alway’s blood… your Friend’s are also your Family. The one’s that will lay down their Life for you!

Plant the Seed’s of life into this World, so when the day of the harvest is here you do not look at God’s word in the corner collecting Dust.

“You must first give to receive”

“Family First”

Jason FreeMan

Frontline Warrior Outreach