When I had to send off for my grandfather’s death certificate. I first pulled my fathers out. I wanted to place myself in both sets of shoes just for a moment.

The Emotions ran through me of hurt, pain and many many years of a disfigured Family life”

I put my shoes 👞 on each day like the next person. One major point in life that’s different than a Set of shoes, the Mind set that you must put on everyday. “I live in the world, but I choose daily not to live for the World”< strong> Most of my life I made to make a choice, that choice came from the Elders in my family when I was young, for my protection, mentally and maybe even physical…My grandmother Rosie had all the reason to keep society distant from her grandchildren. < strong> I can only imagine the footsteps her and my father had to withstand through out my fathers early years of life as a child. Society Pulled the little boy out of my Father. He never had that childhood that I work hard to give me children. < strong> My father could not be the child he should of been in life… God has so much for all of us, if we tap into what his grace has to offer… I only wish I could of shared life with My father… but that’s gone and has been gone. My relationship with my grandfather will always be on my mind and Heart..< strong> It is my honor to take my hat off to my Mother for choosing to keep the distance also. Charles Jr could not let go of the past, his father Charles Manson, The moving from city to city just to hide from the name society helped Paint as the Monster we all have read about for years.< strong>The World will know that I am a fighter. I’ve fought for all I have in life. I fought my way out of a rough lifestyle, fought my way out of many situations and in the doors of opportunity for Job’s and the politics in the Boxing World.< strong>My friends who know me, know me for me. They look past what was once a struggle and now I hold tight to my testimony in life. We can’t judge people along the way. That’s not out Part of life.< strong> As the story lines are fresh and will be for some time… I’m all in, no fading, I’m not angry, I’m not seeking understanding from society, Society took part of my family away from me.< strong> I am a Fighter and I Stand up for what’s right, fight for the truth in this situation. I will not be a fool and listen to the Public. I’ll lend my ear to my family and friends for encouragement in a hard time in life.< strong>Our Lord set this Stage under my feet before I was born. I am The < strong>“Frontline Warrior”< strong>Jason “Freebird” Freeman