As the days come and fade slow…when I see the Sun set. I try not to lose the focus of the purpose of life. And life is truly after life. It’s what we have done here that’ll carry us where we are to be in the after life.

I am in the eye of the storm as we speak. The storm has passed over us, me, myme and I look around at what really is out there. In that storm that just ran through me. I, we had protection all around us, like a safety shelter to cover our heads. When the eye comes, I’m able to walk around and see the after math of the first part of the perfect storm. A storm that God intended each person to grab hold, gain knowledge or even let your roots be seen to the world. The rats and snakes are last to die, you see people who want to help but they are protecting their own homes. But my home is gone. No ground, no walls, only one Book left under the rubbish…they try to take my windows and walls, they grab all they can, my roof, but they can’t take The Foundation. A solid Foundation is meant to give us all a fresh start. Living by Faith and believing there is more to this life that our simple struggles or hard times… Step Outreach day knowing There is a Plan for your Life.

When the storm hits and dies down the ravens and the rays hit the walk way’s to get what they feel is coming their way. They are excited for the distraction the storm has caused. They could be un identify in their minds. No one can see what they do behind the closed door to their World… but they have leaks, trusted-people that have lived and walked these woods for many years before us. The trees have ears and the water speaks like thunder. I can only take what I see rather than what I hear. I need to touch the truth to find my way through the beaten path that was once there.

It’s hard to explain the pain in ones mind that has weathered a storm way longer than I have in my life. My storms have been Loud and Long…so have others around me.

A storm that society has always looked at as Death and Evil. I’m in the eye of the biggest storm recorded in America. The eye is calm, but so much noise. The destruction all around and the families that are going through a Historical moment…

Love Rules