Let’s all take this unblemished moment and give Thanks to our God…Thank you Almighty for this first breath and our step’s into a New day..WOW what words can’t explain that a mind imagines. How just and merciful our God is…..

We can walk our street’s, and feel pretty safe. A friend told me yesterday “if your carrying knives now, we all should be worried”

Look 👀 feel touch hear taste listen to all you have. God provides and Mother Nature provides for us all, yet we take and take from the Well my Friend’s.

2017 and moving forward. Time does not stand still. Each day I see our sun rise and 🌞 set. I get frustrated each night. I feel I didn’t do enough and something is missing…What is that something? If feel’s like it’s a fire on the inside ready to come out…I see my grandfather fading far far away from me.. He would say different… “I’m the bird beside you, I’m the sun you see come up on the East and set on the West, your always with me… Myme”

Those are his word’s from a Place he call’s Home.

Corcoran Califorina State Prison.

The absolutely great thing about God is that He delights in hearing our praises—your words of thanksgiving—any time, any day. We live in a “I want it now worldly lifestyle” when you get focused and tuned in, lined up!! How ever you want to word it. That’s when you’ll see and feel the Presents of the Lord. Filled with the Holy Spirit…Stay Thankful

If you have never experienced a Spiritual awakening or a Supernatural experience in your life! I want to be the first to tell you, You already have..But your so far from understanding the truth that you can’t walk through a church door’s.

I friend told me “Ya I tried the Jesus thing, not for me”

Are you going to be driving today? Tell Him thanks for the gas in your car. Do you have a bff, or maybe a significant other? Tell God how much you appreciate those people—even on the days when they challenge your soul and godliness. 🙂

We are all witnesses to the Historical Billy The Kid and John Dillinger (John lost his mother at the age of 12) and of course My Grandfather Charles Manson. ( He did not have a father figure in a very unstable home Life) Today’s Slaughter’s that are hitting our Nation and the World 🌎 around us are getting out of hand…

We all should see the Leaders that are in-front of the generations to come “Must Stand Up” take ownership of making our future a brighter Place!

We need each denomination of a church foundation. Each group spread across every culture to see the same. The same set of eye’s…

We are all people and we can’t let division play a roll in our children’s live’s.

Charles Manson’s case <Small Potato’s>

The Facts lay where they do. I ask a question for each of you. What are you doing about IT? Also, is part of this new age Consistent Mass Killing’s have something to do with What We Are Not Doing? WE The PEOPLE” or can we throw that on the Government experimental trial run’s. So they can obtain future Gun Control?

We are looking down the Barrel of The Gun. The Big Gun, the same one that has wiped our Friend’s and Family away all around us. I hear, I watch, I see, I touch, I taste The same Blood you do daily. Not the taste of victory but the taste of losing A Battle for the future of our Children and their Children.

Do we have a Backbone as the People of this Country?

Drug’s and money seem to control most of our population. How many people really watch what the MoneyHead’s are doing to our Air, our Waters? Wow don’t eat a fish out of the Ohio River…

You get what I’m talking about!

Aim for something, even if you miss, please try try again. Move in a positive motion. Forward-Backward-side to side just like a fighter… Never give up what’s real… your dream’s are real and I love you

We are all at a lose for Word’s in this world we live in. What can we do, how do we do it? If we are waiting for our Government to save our Communities, don’t hold your breath. You’ll be the next one we have to lie about….

Take action, every nice Home starts with a good foundation. When I die, if I ha e the wall’s done and the roof on this Great Foundation God has passed down to me. I know in my Heart I’ll be able to pass it on for the next generation’s to enjoy…That’s part of our job people…

Should we sit back? Or drop to our knee’s! Daily Prayer!!Yes Daily all day.. Ajay Freeman Enjoy’s a day at the park. Along side great Beauitful Children. The Hard fact to accept as I watch, society will create distance between innocence.

The Big Potato..in the 1960 our country was facing many stunning event’s that led Veteran’s back home from War holding their head’s low. If they made it back..

We as American’s lost over 60,000 friend’s and family from 1955-1975.. most death’s recorded were in 1968..

At the Peak of our death rate being the highest, along with Well over 1,600-2,000 recorded death’s. Along with (Prisoner’s of War) POW’s not being accounted for. Alive and well or dead on the unspeakable death ground of Vietnam.These are fact number’s that a lot of us don’t see and many don’t want to look back on.

My Hat Come’s off and my Hand is placed over my heart ❤️ anytime our National Anthem is played, no matter where I am. It’s based on the Respect for our Country and the loved one’s we lost at War..My family and I pray to our God before most Dinner’s. Giving Thank’s for all we have.. our right to pray in public and reasonable rational Freedom of speech. Jason FreeMan-Son

May this day be a blessed day. Walk a little taller, look at your problem’s as being a little smaller. We serve a Amazing 😉 God. One that will alway’s be there, even when we are lost. If we can’t find our way Home, take your time at the cross roads. Each cross road, no matter how small, bring’s you to understanding life just a little bit more. As we receive, please give back. Make the circle ⭕️ complete in your life. If you feel something is missing, go into a meditation 🧘‍♀️ to find what it is missing. The infinity circle is a puzzle. At time’s it’s not fun at all. At time’s it hurt’s.

Just know that failing is part of growing. You must stand back up, get up and fight this Worldly fight…just remember that the circle your looking to complete has God all over it…Complete your circle, if you can’t find out why it’s not complete, look at what’s negative, cut it out of your life! Just like all the junk we all carry around from day to day or house to house. Let it go! Just let what ever weighs you down and create’s a burden on your mind.

Just remember, each trial or test in life is important. As you grow, the pain from the past will be released as you lend a ear or a hand out to those who walk the path you once did.

I wonder how others have a right to this picture, I have the original at home..Grandma Rosie and my father Charles JrTop picture cropped/ my father and I around the same age.. Bottom picture cropped together of me and my grandfather, around the same ageHistory can be changed for a better tomorrow. “ hard work and focused aggression = Energy”

Frontline Warrior’s Outreach

Jason FreeMan