We have all been through the battle field of life.

Some people have had it harder than other’s. From the challenges through childhood (fitting in, maybe knowing when or how to stick up for yourself or the ones around you)on into our early years in Middle School. As life continues through our High School years and on into an Adult, we were faced with challenges that was subconsciously building our character. That’s when we become more aware of who we were becoming as we found our inner selves. Other people’s vision of who we are does not carry as much weight as it did while we grew in these couple chapter’s of our life. Life will take a different turn for each of you as it did for all of us “Class of 1995”

Each Chapter captures major point’s of our live’s as we embrace each moment in our Mind’s and Heart’s.

As we Walk the Beach in this moment in our live’s, I see a lot of shell’s. I see a story with each shell we come across.

Most people want to capture the biggest, coolest or never seen shell on the Beach. I see a story in the beat up battered shell’s that we as people can relate to more than the bright colorful shell everyone want’s to have on the shelve after vacation.

Our journey’s speak life. Our Journey’s keep our past in perspective and our Eye’s Fixed On The Most Important “The Present” we can come alive if we choose to set our Stronghold’s down. Brake the Chain’s of Fear and Doubt. Letting go of what we can not change and embrace what’s in front of our eye’s. Creating or embracing the true passion to live the right path in life. Life is sometimes full of hard choices. Choices that you have to remind yourself daily of why your choosing this path. Maybe it’s to protect the future of your children or to stay focused and strong for a group of people across the world who look to you for strength in life. You may carry the only Hope people hold onto in this short time on Earth. As God move’s, can you see it or feel it? Do you ever wonder how or why a situation worked out to your favor? I know one that will get you. How does this guy or gal that don’t work or love the job as much as you do,get the Promotion you were looking for, counting on?? Don’t you dare hang your head low and go into your beat up shell.

The Battle scare on the inside and outside of your shell show’s you have lived life to the fullest. People see that from the outside in, you see it from the inside out. Your living it! You inspire many many people just by your present’s in life. Don’t be that downer, you be the inspiration that creates others to step out in faith. Be the one who Hold’s their Head High and walk with Integrity. Don’t forget, people look at you for that little bit of hope in life to drag their shell “Their Shield of Protection” of life with them along their journey. Their strength is through you. Do you feel the weight? Your children watch and follow all we do!

We can only look Up and Around For strength to bring us through the rapid’s in this world. If your boat gets a hole it in along the way, open your mind to fix it. Or just embrace the ride. What does not kill you makes your journey have so much more value as you share it. We look up for Godly Wisdom and we look side to side to give and receive clarification that we are on the right path.

Let me tell you, A lot of your battle scars across your back, broken legs and head injuries are from trusting in other’s along the way. Failed false hope comes in many different shapes, you will not see till your facing the Devil right in front of you. It’s going to be ok. Learn to get past it and take it as a life journey lesson. The Lord has a plan for your life. The strength you have gained along the way has just been a long training session or a Season to get you ready for the bigger fight’s to come. Do you ever notice that situation’s that crushed your world 10 year’s ago, you don’t fall for the bull and you can just walk right through it today?

Im learning as you battle though this world with a true mate that stand’s firm beside you, with a like minded soul. Your Foundation is not built on a bed of Sand and Shell’s. It’s built on the Solid unshakable Foundation of Unity and Faith.

See the Rainbow in the Back ground. She’s my Pot of Italian Irish Gold.

She also has a hard Shell. With scare’s. Scare’s of life that has built her to be the Woman she is today. It’s amazing to feel God move in might way’s. Way’s that the average faithless person would not see it as a God movement!!

I collect the shells of the Sea because they help me gain the Wisdom of life. Gives me a clear vision of the roads we all face and have traveled. Though rough and Easy path’s, they all need to be embraced. They are challenges that guide us through this wild and crazy ride. With out them we would not be able to share the strength we have gained with other’s. Build the knowledge to accept the things we can not change and change the things we can.

Just remember the rolling and shifting shell’s of the Sea are just like our lives. When you pick one up, you can’t imagine what all this shell has seen. It looks very nice and taken care of, yet a lot that are not picked up are broken and cracked. Split open and battered.

I ask that each of you grab one of each in life. Become a mentor and be mentored by what life had also handed others around you. Never give up and Always fight for what’s yours and stand up for what is right in life. It may be very hard at time’s. It’ll pay off in the long haul.

Jason Freeman

Frontline Warrior’s Outreach