Well, Dateline is back, calling & emailing me for an on camera interview with Keith Morrison. When I politely declined, they asked if I would agree to sit & have lunch with Keith Morrison & himself in California to discuss cm… The guy contacting me is the producer I guess but anyway, I figured out a way to test them to see if in fact they’re really interested in hearing the truth or just looking for another REHASH of BUGS HS HORSESHIT &/or ratings. Here’s the test…. let’s see who can pick up on what I’m doing here…. Here’s my email back to Mr. Producer over at Dateline. It was my honor Mr. Dean, but again, I must politely decline. As for cm, I will certainly run this by him but I’ve got to be honest here & with all due respect, I can tell you right now he wasn’t too happy with the last show NBC Dateline ran on him. And neither was i because when you asked me to do the show, you assured me it wouldn’t be geared towards the murders when in fact it was. It was the same old HS bs & I’m so thankful I wasn’t a part of that & that I declined to comment cause no doubt, it would’ve damaged my relationship with cm. But again, I’ll pass along your message to him but I doubt it’ll matter cause one of his biggest reservations is the fear of having his words edited to fit Bugliosi’s Helter Skelter agenda/theory or having his words laid over some bloody crime scene photos with Michael Myers music playing in the background… What seems to be the norm for Dateline. In his mind, the media doesn’t want to hear the truth because the truth doesn’t sell books &/or commercials, and sad to say, I agree. But what I don’t understand is why not? Why not be the first major network to question Bug’s Helter Skelter theory, weigh all the physical evidence & simply report your findings? 

You know, Cm thinks I’m crazy but I believe one day the world will know the truth & see the injustice in this case. They will learn of the atrocities &/or torture this man has endured since 1969. There will be a day a reporter will come along & will set aside the fear of losing their job & not write what they’re told to write but yet shine a light on the facts &/or Injustice this man has endured at hands of the very system that was designed to protect him. In my honest opinion, a reality that makes Helter Skelter look like Bambi. 
Going into this 17 years ago, I too once believed Manson to be a crazed hippy cult leader who ordered his minions to murder. I believed this to be true because that’s what I was conditioned to believe. It was what the news told me so It had to be true right? Well, we both know that’s not always the case. As I grew older, I began to take interest again. This time I decided to read more into the facts. One could smell rubber burning in the air as I read into the facts. I hit the E-Brake & threw it in reverse & began to question “all I knew before. But It wasn’t until I began to get to know Manson personally that I began to ask myself, “Jesus Christ, what if this man has been telling the truth all along?” What if this prosecutor did in fact bully witnesses into testify? What if he did in fact withhold evidence proving Helter Skelter wasn’t the true motive, knowing the truth all along… Yet his hunger for fame, fortune & political gain was so strong that he allowed an innocent man to fry? I mean, why else would a prosecutor plant a ghost writer like Curt Gentry (co-author of Helter Skelter) in the courtroom from day one of the trials? What if Bugliosi did violate several gag orders & cross the line of justice by using his power of office to purposefully railroad an innocent man to feed his own ego & all in the hunt for fame & fortune &/ or political gain? I mean, here we have a man with a 3rd grade education, dyslexic, who could barely read or write, who had not one single family member to give a rats ass about him &/or would ever miss him? We all know bugs perception of cm from word go cause In many of interviews, Bugliosi said it himself, “I’m only sending Manson back to the only home he’s ever known….. prison!” Well i ask, where’s the justice in that Mr. Dean? What shocks me the most is just how easy it was for me to find the truth. I simply followed the facts & let them do the talking… And I can’t help but ask myself, if a kid from the streets of Boston could find it, why can’t all these college educated “journalists” find it? Cause they’re not looking, that’s why! So I decided to keep looking deeper & so began my quest, my countless years of research & what I found was &/or still is quite staggering… Charles Manson has been telling the truth all along! Imagine that! 
Funny, when most people find out I’m friends with CM, and/or hear me raise concern over his conviction, 99.9% of the time, they all say the same thing. They say, “oh, what are you one of his brainwashed followers?” Truth is, I can’t help but wonder, “who’s really the brainwashed ones here?” Sad, that most don’t know the facts of this case outside of what they read or watch on the news. Facts such as, Bugliosi was an advisor/writer for tv shows such as dragnet. Proving his desire for fame & fortune yes, but most importantly, his ability to elaborate a great story. Most don’t realize Bugliosi was brought up on perjury charges in the handling of the Manson case. Almost every witness who has had the courage to come forward has confirmed the fact that they were threatened by Bugliosi to testify “or else.” And to add insight into the kind of man Vincent Bugliosi was, most have no idea Bugliosi was brought up on assault & battery charges for beating his mistress while attempting to force her to abort their illegitimate child. He beat this pregnant woman to a bloody pulp, to the point she feared for her life & filed charges. She had him arrested & yes I have copies of the actual police report but it’s a known fact he attempted to bribe her with $5k to drop the charges against him. And that’s just one of several instances where Bugliosi had charges brought up against him. Another was his abuse of office to stalk his milkman & his family cause he thought the delivery man was having an affair with his wife & actually fathered his own child. He terrorized this family until they fought back filing charges. These cases are all very well documented….
I often wonder how many people realize that before Bugliosi, Arron Stovitz (the original prosecutor assigned to the Manson case) offered Manson 18 months diminished capacity to testify against Tex & the girls. An offer Manson rejected & when I asked him why he would turn down such an offer, his response only solidified the kind of man I’ve known him to be. He replied, “I take the deal & then what soldier? Live with the guilt I helped send my friends to the gas chamber?” Quite telling yes but what I can’t help but wonder is, what did Stovitz see that Bugliosi didn’t… or vise versa? I mean, if Manson was the mastermind, hippy cult leading killer, then why offer him a deal? 
When one looks at the prosecutions “star witness” (Linda Kasabian) how can they not ask themselves, here’s a woman who not only took part in both murders, but was one of the masterminds behind going to the Tate house that night. A woman who has been to that house prior to meeting Manson. A woman who at the time of the crimes, was sleeping with the killer… Tex Watson. Most don’t know Tex Watson used to live at 10050 Ceiello Drive & was the caretaker of the property. It was one one of his first job’s upon arriving in California. Tex Watson lived in the very guesthouse Will Garretsen lived in. These are a few of countless facts Bugliosi fought hard to keep out of the courtroom. Bug bullied his way to a conviction & when he couldn’t bully Sadie into testifying &/or lying on the stand, he went after Linda. He offered her full amunity, cash, a new name, relocation & full custody of her daughter back. All great reasons to lie. Truth is, Manson was a lifelong convict, very well versed in how to get away with a crime. He hadn’t known Linda all of two weeks before the murders so why in God’s name would he trust her enough to carry out such a heinous crime & to keep her mouth shut afterwards? She was a virtual stranger to him, having only spoken with her on two occasions prior to the killings. 

According to Sadie’s testimony & in her autobiography, when they all returned to the ranch & told Manson what they had done, Sadie turned to Charlie & said, “We did it for you Charlie.” Well, Manson’s reply says it all…. Manson turned to Sadie & said, “No cunt, what you just did for me was send me back to prison.” Sound like the response a cult leader that ordered the killings would give?
In the autobiography actor Michael Caine recently wrote, he claims to have been at a party thrown by Mama Cass & Mama Cass had introduced him to Charles Manson. It was at this very party, according to Caine, he was also introduced to Sharon Tate & If true, this blows Vincent Bugliosi’s Helter Skelter theory right out of the water! It proves Manson wasn’t a disgruntled rock star wannabe who was cast out of Hollywood. Truth is, he was rubbing more than elbows with them. Stars such as Neil Young, Buffalo Springfield, Mama Cass, Nancy Sinatra, Deena Martin, Jim Morrison & the list just goes on & on & on. In fact, they were set to film a documentary about Manson, his music & his life on the ranch before the murders. So Manson wasn’t a wannabe rock star… He shunned that life & that’s why Bugliosi fought hard & prevailed preventing any & all witnesses to testify in Manson’s defense…
There are countless reasons this case, if tried today, would have never made it to trial. Reasons such as… How one of the original jurors was caught stealing a Sharon Tate death autopsy photo and selling it to a European tabloid newspaper. The juror wasn’t even reprimanded, only dismissed and replaced with an alternate juror & the trial went forward. ILLEGAL! And how about President Nixon, getting on National Television, holding a photograph of Manson on the front page of the LA Times, up to the cameras, declaring Charles Manson guilty, before given a fair trial by a jury of his peers. President Nixon, when confronted, swore he didn’t realize what he had done was wrong but anyone with a half a brain would know that is a bold faced lie because Nixon was himself an attorney! But we all know what kind of man Nixon turned out to be…
The jury forperson just recently came out with a book describing how the jurors, during sequestration, were sleeping with one another AND WITH BAILIFFS! I’ve seen actual photos & newspaper articles showing jurors & bailiffs kissing, celebrating Manson’s conviction, only solidifying the Forperson’s allegation but I can’t help but wonder, why in the world would a jury & bailiff have to celebrate having just sent a man to the gas chamber? An innocent man at that! 
And please, don’t mistake the word innocent cause Manson wasn’t 100% innocent in this case. Just innocent of the crimes of which he was convicted for. Manson took part after the fact in what he thought was “helping friends get themselves out of a really bad situation they had gotten themselves into,” by covering up the crime. Planting evidence, wiping down the fingerprints etc… But even if he was guilty, the crimes at the time of conviction, carried a maximum sentence of 19 years. Manson has been in prison for almost 48 years! 
You know, a buddy of mine graduated law school and told me that many times throughout law school, the professor would use the Manson case as reference on “how not to try a case.” One instance id like to point out is how Vincent Bugliosi was granted a motion on the grounds Charles Manson had the power to brainwash and that if allowed to testify before the jury, he could potentially brainwash them into believing he was innocent. The judge agreed and the motion was GRANTED!? The jury was instructed to leave the courtroom whenever Manson was called to testify. Now I’m no rocket scientist or an attorney but isn’t it every defendant’s job to convince a jury of his innocence? It’s an travesty of justice that the defense wasn’t allowed to call one single witness! They didn’t put on one millisecond of a defense cause anyone who wanted to testify in Manson’s defense “had to be brainwashed.” That’s why the girls & other friends of Charlie’s were seen crawling on their bruised & bloody knees, for miles to the courthouse. And why many of Charles friends were seen camped outside the courthouse throughout the trial. They wanted to testify & wanted justice! That’s why they shaved their heads & carved x’s into their foreheads…. all to protest & bring attention to the injustice unfolding before them. They weren’t allowed to take the stand despite their continuous efforts to do so. In fact, Bugliosi eventually got the judge to ban from the courtroom anyone WHO WANTED TO SPEAK IN MANSON’S DEFENSE! 
Of all the multitudinous violations of Charles Manson’s rights, which have occurred since his arrest in 1969, none is so substantial as the denial of his constitutional (Sixth Amendment) right to defend himself at his trials.
From the very beginning Manson has always voiced his desire to represent himself. On December 17, 1969 Manson made a formal request to do so in the courtroom of Judge William Keene. “Your Honor,” Manson said, “There is no way I can give up my voice in this matter. If I can’t speak, then this whole thing is done. If I can’t speak in my own defense and converse freely in this courtroom, then it ties my hands behind my back. And if I have no voice, then there is no sense in having a defense. Lawyers play with peoples lives and I am a person and I don’t want to be played with in this matter. The news media has already executed and buried me…. If anyone is hypnotized, the people are being hypnotized by the lies being told to them…. There is no attorney in the world who can represent me as a person. I have to do it myself your honor.”

Manson was examined by Joseph Ball, a former president of the California State Bar Association. Ball’s assessment of Manson, which was presented in court on Christmas eve 1969, was that Manson was “An able, intelligent young man, quiet-spoken and mild-mannered. We went over different problems of law, and I found he had a ready understanding…. remarkable understanding of law. As a matter of fact, he has a very fine brain. I complimented him on the fact. I thunk i told you that he had a high IQ. Must have, to be able to converse as he did. And he feels that if he goes to trial and he is able to permit jurors & the court to hear him and see him, they will realize he is not the kind of man who would perpetrate such horrible crimes. 
(Any of this sound like the Manson the world would later come to know?) 
But judge Keene relented. “It is, in this Court’s opinion, a sad and tragic mistake you are making by taking this course of action, but I can’t talk you out of it…. Mr. Manson, you are hereby granted to act as your own lawyer.”
This situation existed until March 6, 1970. At that time Judge Keene, upset over some supposedly “outlandish” and “nonsensical” motions filed by Manson, vacated his status as his own attorney. Why the “outlandish and nonsensical” motions were not simply overruled was never explained. Whatever the real reason, Keene’s action violated Manson’s constitutional right to defend himself. Any defense presented after that ruling (and in fact there was none…) was invalid, and in direct opposition to the Sixth Amendment right to self representation.

This issue was brought up in Manson’s Appeal. In that appeal the California Justices denied Manson’s request for a new trial claiming that a federal ruling which affirmed the Sixth Amendment right did not apply to Manson because the decision came after his trial and “was not to be given retroactive application”. This interpretation of the law “WAS LATER OVERRULED” in Bittaker v. Enomoto, wherein a United States Federal Appeals Court ruled “Although California defendant’s trial occurred prior to United States Supreme Court’s Faretta decision confirming to state defendants the constitutional right to self-representation, denial of the California defendant’s right of self-representation was a federal constitutional defect requiring setting aside of his conviction”. Charles Manson is mentioned specifically in footnote # 2 of this decision. (See link below) 

The right to self-representation is as fundamental and undeniable as any other right. It is every citizen’s constitutional right & that is why Colin Ferguson, the seemingly deranged Long Island Railroad gunman, was allowed to defend himself at his trial. It doesn’t matter if the defendant’s defense may be unconventional. Self-representation is his constitutional right.

The denial of Charles Manson’s right to represent himself during his trials is a fatal flaw in the legitimacy of those trials & Manson’s convictions, and his present incarceration, are illegal.

Over the years Manson has filed several habeas corpus petitions with the Los Angeles County Superior Court protesting his imprisonment based on the claim that he was denied the right to defend himself. All of these petitions have been dismissed at the Superior Court level with no explanation other than that the petitioner (Manson) had failed to establish that the claims made in the petitions warranted the granting of the writ. This is a standard rubber-stamp denial. None of the legal arguments advanced in any of these writs has ever been addressed. This is to be expected. The California Court System knows what it has done to Charles Manson and is afraid of the consequences it faces if Manson is given his legal rights. Manson will never get any relief on this question from the California court system. Only if he appeals a new writ through the California legal system to the Federal level will he ever get a fair hearing. Then he would get a new trial.

No convicted person in the United States is more entitled to a new trial than Charles Manson.
Now see footnote #2 here:
I could go on for days as to why I believe Charles Manson was railroaded & entitled to a new trial. In fact, I’m not the only one who feels this way. An author by the name of Michael White, who had/has no connection to CM wrote a book entitled, “The railroading of Charles Manson.” Over the years, many millions have come forward in support of finding justice for Mr. Manson. I’ve got close to 2000 just in my group alone. And as cm has done since 1969, & per his request, we ignore & ban any and all that request to “follow” him or suck up to the cult hype. That kind of talk genuinely frightens him. Sound like much of a cult leader to you?
I have known Manson for 17 years this November & I can honestly say that I have never met a more honorable, caring, selfless man in my life. The kind of friend who won’t sleep at night if he thinks you’re upset with him. A friend who at Christmas sends my 2 year old son a $500 money order so there’s presents under the tree for him from Santa. The kind of man who would rather give away something he loves & then regret it later, than to see someone walk away wanting it. A man who loves and honors God & country. I’ve never met a man with more respect for holymen & soldiers in all of my life… A man who has signed his name OVER a million times throughout his life but yet has always refused to sign anything relating to the victims of these crimes…. My point is, does any of this sound like the monster Bugliosi painted? 

Let’s look at other facts, since 1969, Manson hasn’t, not one time, laid a finger on another person or “ordered” a single person to do anything. In fact, the man’s reluctant to give advice in fear of it being used against him. He’ll say, “don’t ask me soldier, look where that got me.” SAD but I ask, are we to believe Manson, prior to the murders, being the small time petty crook he was, had a temporary lapse in character, decided to go on a rampage in 1969 only? Nothing prior & nothing since? NOT ONE INSTANCE! 
I could go on for days but i’ll end with this, Manson is partially responsible for his destiny. This I will agree… Yes he played right into the role & continues to play into it by what i call, “wearing the Manson mask.” He’s mastered the role & can turn on that character like the flip of a switch. When I asked him why, why he didn’t just tell the truth opposed to acting for the cameras, he said, “Son, you don’t think I tried? Look at the beginning stages of the trial. I tried to be me but they wouldn’t let me. I tried to tell them the truth but they didn’t want to hear it! There came a time I knew nothing I said was going to matter so I gave up. They took my liberty & gave me life! They took away my rights so what could I do? It was the devil they wanted so the devil i gave them.” And as crazy as this may sound, it doesn’t surprise me one bit cause Manson is by far one of the most selfless, caring, compassionate human beings I’ve ever met. Almost to a fault cause everyone he’s ever trusted in his life has betrayed him. Yet he remains un-bitter, unbroken & unbelievably kind to those he calls friend. He’s far from perfect & further from innocent but he’s no killer. He did take part in these murders but AFTER THE FACT. But if you watch the very beginning stages of the trial, you’ll see a very different Charles Manson. A very well mannered, soft spoken, almost shy, clean shaven southern gentlemen…. and one can’t help but wonder, what the hell happened to bring such a change in ones character? INJUSTICE! 

Anyone who knows him will attest, Manson is a lot of things but a liar isn’t one of them. The Manson I know can not hang up that phone without asking, “are you doing ok, do you need anything, is there anything I can do to help?” And i pray i live long to see the day someone has the courage to report about the true Charles Milles Manson. I’m a firm believer in destiny, fate & karma and I believe fate saved Manson from the gas chamber & destiny has crossed our paths & I pray karma will give Manson the justice he ever so deserves. 
Anyway, sorry for venting… As you can probably tell, this is a subject I’m extremely passionate about. I really appreciate your taking the time to read my frustrations & I really do respect the hell out of you & Keith and what you guys do…. I can only hope & pray you find it within to dig deeper. And if so, I will be here ready & eager to share with you my experiences with the real Charles Manson…. 

John Michael