We all train daily, if it’s for ourselves in life’s passions, train to become a better Father, or improve the person you are. We are consistently training and changing to flow with what life throws our way.         Most of us try to plan and work for tomorrow. “I do” not as good as I could, but I’m always working to improve who I was yesterday. Tweek the little things and have a receptive heart and mind toward God’s vision for my life. Our passions in life roll down into our friends and family. As you can see through out different pictures I share and the articles I write. People help form us into the person we are today. I look back at all the friends, teachers and coachs who never let me slide through their hands. My mother cupped each of her children like little birds 🐦. That’s what the Lord is doing with us, and when we are strong enough to take on this world 🌎 He let’s us go, to fight with His Words and His Spirit moving through us. Just like every mother, As mine still does to this day. We can always lean back on her for help when times are tougher than we can handle. But! The true answer is to lean in more on Gods truth and dig in and find the strength to make it through with your perseverance and being persistent, only leaning on him for understanding. 

         As we rest each night and rise to a new day. We are also new. We raise and stand tall. With the daily consistent and never fading Salvation that the Lord granted us as his family. Freedom ! Our Freedom lays at the foot of the cross if we just give up whats of this world, yes! We live in it, we don’t have to be consumed of it. 

This young Family is in need of a little assistance. We have so many who can give just a little off their plate to help us reach the end goal. The goal is to lift a little weight off of someone else. You can find this same link on my Facebook wall. God Bless

Frontline Warrior’s Outreach

Jason Freebird Freeman

AKA:Dreaming Freeman