Grab what’s real in life. Shake off  what’s of the World. This world will only hold one down as long as it can. 

      As we enter a New Day. This day is your’s. Filled with Joy, Love and visions that the Lord has for you. Don’t live in fear of tomorrow. Stand and fight. Don’t cower away from what is real. All The Way Alive is the only way in life each of us need to live. Our world is tied up with doubts, rejection and many other things that hold us back. 90% of our population just take what life hands us instead of Standing Tall with a backbone of what’s real. A lot fall and don’t rise again. We stay trapped so we don’t have to face what’s hard in life. 

Very few will stand beside one another to help people though the tough and tough times. I’m here telling you “it’s only a season of pain” What you come through with after a tough time is priceless. You can’t buy it, you can’t sell it. It is only earned through the struggle. Let the struggle pass with your faith fixed on what’s real. So the foundation becomes part of your life. 

            Each community is faced with Generational demons that cheap into our towns. My Hometown of Uhrichsville, Ohio has had one of the hardest hits I’ve ever seen in my life. Such a small town. I am a witness of major drug use and addition spread across our county as I grew up as a kid. It went from marijuana (one of the most basic things people call a drug) to meth and on into heroin now. 

         With these Drugs running wild in the streets of such a small town, I could only imagine the major cities. Overdoses and deaths of teen’s and young adults are climbing to the highest the World has ever seen. 40-50 deaths just in Tuscarawas County. That’s not counting the ones that the Medical field has brought back to life. 


        This is what our children find on the streets everywhere we walk. Everywhere! What are you going to do about it? Stand back and say that’s their choice….. or stand up and fight back. 

Jason “Freebird” Freeman