The enemy has launched a full scale attack against us. We see it and are faced with it everyday. This is not some video game. Where you win a prize, a trophy, a championship ring, 6 figure sontract. 

No, the stakes are higher. We’re in a nasty, dirty, violent war for our very own souls and the souls of our wives and children, even for our brothers in Christ. The wounds are Casualties, and this conflict is just as real as the ones in Iraq, Vietnam, or any other war. 

       He plays for keeps, and he’s out to steal and kill our friends and family, and destroy everything we hold dear…….everything!! Satan knows if he can bring us down, with our strongholds and our past, addition is another one that he claims and kills our kids daily. He is in your neighborhood. You see him down the road, you know it’s him living inside of a once great temple. Satan now lives there! 

       He can work on us by bringing our families down, our churches  and untimately Our Nation. We have a enemy that is set out to destroy and is set on the destruction of us as people. 

    Nehemiah 4:14 urges us, “Do not be afraid……remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fights for your brothers, your sons and daughters, your wives and your homes.

        Are you willing to stand and fight for what’s important? Be a model man, we’re going to have to fight…… Larry Stockstill

    A man once asked me why I trained so hard. “I asked him, why wouldn’t you? Living in this kinda world, you have to be ready for anything and all times. You should see me train in the spirit!! That battle is even harder than a fight on the street.” I think I caught him off guard. Not to many people want to talk religion. He said “your a bible thumper with a golden spoon in your mouth from your daddy, look at that nice truck.” I stayed in the spirit and not in the flesh while I told him my daddy was dead and so was my father, and I work hard for that truck. Besides its material and carries no meaning in my life. This man went on to explain how he won the lotto and flips homes now. I some how told him kindly, “IDE  never work on his job sight and walked my own path.”You see my friends Satan comes in all forms. What was in front of me. A lot of work, good money, but a man with no heart has no soul. As you began reading this article, you’ll see that Satan comes to seek out all of us, win the world over to his side. The Dark side. This isn’t religion. It’s the daily Frontline Battle Field everyday of our lives. Facebook is full of stories of us seeing our friends fall into depressions and drugs that take them away from us all, maybe forever. We need to fight back. Grab that word along with some works to lend a hand to your community. Create a community impact day instead of posting your option on a social media outlet. We’re in a bind. Are we all just blind. Move, don’t sit still and grow roots, move, get excited that you have the inner man’s Power to change lives. Don’t sit, get up and fight, fight, FIGHTJason Freebird Freeman