As a man sits behind bars for over 40 years, He’s looking at his number with No Fear. He knows many have had his number in their hands or placed in their hands in the past. Now we know it’s in Gods hands. 

          Yet we still see this man alive and well at 82 years of age. He was convicted of 9 counts of conspiracy to commit murder. That means 9 Life Sentences in Prison.Some would ask “How did he do it, or even why did he do it?” Then a few but very Proud and bold would say “Charlie Manson never killed anyone, they had him guilty before he hit the court room!” 

          How do we know when it’s our time to go. We don’t know. As a young man ventures out to reach his grandfather. This journey is alive and real as he watches each day click by. At times many missed phone calls and unspoken words..Jason seeks unanswered questions that still may never be answered. 

​Mr.Freeman Manson is on a journey, a path that he says the Lord knew of his journey before he was born. “I don’t know every step of my walk. I know my journey is guided and already played out in my Heart and on my mind. We all have a number as to when we will pass from this world to the next, This part of my journey is here and now. I don’t know my next step.  All I see is my trip to California. The rest will follow.” Freeman/A former Professional fighter, He holds a 5th Degree Black Belt under Respected Martialartest he asked not to be named at this point. Co-writer of his book Knocking out the Devil. Freeman feels that life is a daily battle and we all must stand and fight back. He explained to me “If you choose to sit or just lay down. Then it’s over. You lost the everyday battle. If the Devil knows you live for him and you partake in the nature he offers in this world. Well you work for him. I’ve made a honest devotion, as the Lord was layed to rest for our sins and lost his blood for me, I’ll do the same for him and never stop fighting back. I’ve fought spiritual battles a lot of people would and still are living in.  I know the Lord walks with me on this unseen journey. And as you know and will see, my physical fighting skills have always been pretty sharp also.”You heard it here first at Wide Open News. A few words with Mr.Jason Freeman and I’m James Thomas/President of Wide Open News.