Even though I walk into the middle of trouble, you guard my life against the anger of my enemies. You stretch out your hand, and your right hand saves me. -Psalm 138:7 GW

Our ways become Gods ways. Our trust is now wrapped around the one who see’s all. We as people become weak in our bodies and minds as worry sets in our hearts. I only ask that we stay fixed on the focus of the Lords word, His Grace that has been set in front of us. The Salvation is ours as a family. God is good even in the troublesome times! 

Can I get a Amen to that!

As we worry about tomorrow we lose focus on today. Although we want the best for tomorrow. We can prepare to tomorrow, don’t forget about yesterday and live for today. As he has given for us each day a new day. That we pick up our own Cross and carry our own strongholds. The great news is, we can leave our chains at the feet of his cross. He (Our Lord) did die so we can have ever lasting life. 
        The truth and the story can never get old because it’s a impact to the World. And when the sheet is pulled from ones eyes, that is when Gods true love is reveiled to them at that time. Life will begin to change. The place’s you one called a friends place, there will be a new place. The person that wanted to hold you back, there will be a new person to life you up with consistent encouragement. The times of worry and shortness of breath, there will be a freshness of breath and life brought on to you. “When you make the choice to ask God to come into you home, into your temple, into your Heartlive with and through you. Is the day that you’ll be a New person, It’s called being born again. Shedding the old you and being cleanses of you sins by the Blood of Jesus. Grab ahold of this new day, this new morning. Take 5-10 minutes and pray to the Lord to hold this time apart from your day. Announce your sins to him, praise him with thanks and ask him to come into your Heart and live with you. If you do this with your heart. No holding back. Your life will change. 

       When I said the prayer of all prayers over 10 years ago, it’s been a daily change and great life experience. The Lord opened my eyes and filled me with the Holy Spirit that lives through me to touch other lives around me. He had gifted me and I’m thankful. 

Here is a brother I’ll always stand beside, another man that God has touched his life. If you heard his story, his loss and his life changing experience, you’ll understand that the Lord is at work in all of us. Let him in as he knocks and be ready for a mind blowing life changing explosive entry overwhelming new walk in life. 

Jason Freebird Freeman