We are all faced with life slapping us in the face. If it’s the monthly basics like bills that don’t seem to stop or a dog getting sick. Come on, who can afford to take a dog to a vet. We all know our kids are first. Ok, so I had to take my little guy and set hit to rest a few months back.  My point is we all get that slap in the face, at times we have to eat a little dirt. Yes it hurts. We lose loved one’s. And hear about the rapid growing rate of drug use and overdosing all around us.Taking back what’s your’s, what’s our’s? Some ask “what?” Take back control of our lives I say! Take back control of our actions. How can one be useful to pump success into the next generation if we don’t walk a walk for them to look up to. 

       At times it was very hard for me to look in that mirror. I didn’t like the man I saw at a younger age. I was disappointed at what I was doing and where I was as a man. So I began to make slow and steady movements. Like a marathoner runner. Getting on the horse of change seemed endless. Really! How can one see change looking at yourself daily. How do you see progress? 

        Love and live by Faith. The hope that your walk is in the right direction and your focus is on the right path in life. I can tell you it’s going to be hard. But you can do it! It’s going to be rough! But you can do it! It’s going to be a on going daily challenge. But you can do it! 

    Anyone and everyone who know me, who thinks they know me or cares to know who I really am would say.

Wow, if Jason Freeman can do it. I can do it. Stand in victory no matter where you are in life. God has your back. When you come to open those spirit eye’s and see how God has been their for you the whole time. You life will have meaning and your walk will have purpose. 

         Your journey has power, but only if you Stand bold and share it.

God Bless

Jason Freebird Freeman