How do you know this road is not for you? 

I’m often faced with a spiritual awaking when I’m drifting away from my path. I’m thankful for that. It took years of prayer. 

Some people know their path at birth, maybe feel a calling at the age of 5 or even 15 years of age. I often wonder how they got a drive for a calling on their life at such a young age? Was it personal influence, books, God just grabbing their spirit and waking it up?? What is it? Why do we all face pain before understanding?


It’s amazing to me that I’ve been through all I have on my Journey to finally be stopped in my path by the Holy Spirit, and Pray. Not just pray, but pray daily. It’s such a easier battle now, I can catch myself doing something I should not do, instead of doing what I know I should not be doing. When you live in and for the world, Doing what you want to! that will be your Naturial reaction. Now get this,ok? When you finally accept Jesus Christ into your heart, to live in your temple (body). You take on the Holy Spirit that lives in you! You don’t walk the same walk, talk the same talk. With time you make a transformation into a new man. Your journey becomes meaningful, no matter the situation. 

Come on you feel me!!!!

Your path now has purpose. Your walk is taller. Chin tucked and head high. 

When it’s time for you to move from one road to another road. He will already be at work in your life way before you make your choice. The Lord is just waiting on us patiently to start back on his path for our lives.

         You see, me writing right now could be a moment for you to take a turn, choose another direction or even dig deeper into your relationship with God. Always giving all Thanks to the Lord. 

Our mission in life isn’t to be beat up by the people around the world for who we are or what the past tells them. Embrace your past, embrace your History roots. God layer this journey out for you and I to grab life and be free on the inside. Break the chains and set yourself free, Today! What ever is holding you back, holding you down. Dig into the Book of life and become more spiritually awake. Know that God is the one knocking on the Door of your Heart. He tells us to turn from our wicked ways and have life. We choose to live a sinful filled life, then we should know why we continue to fight from our backs. 

      Have Life!   A lot of us don’t understand, Have life! I know It’s hard with All this heart ake and pain. You may have  Lost a child, lost a job,barrier of dept all around you!!Scream out now! Set me free Lord… as we look and pray, in our reality “But Lord, this is all I know.”And do not cease from screaming out in prayer. Oh the Lord will answer you.


We have all been here. Life feels like one big maze, almost like a endless joke. A dream that you cannot wake up from. 

I’m asking you today, if it’s you or someone around you that you see needs lifting and healing on their lives. Maybe a touch of love. Just choose the roads wisely, help the person you know choose the road you see they could be on if they turn one way instead of another way. We all need a little voice of direction. 

        We are faced with daily cross roads, different paths that lead to other directions. So ask yourself this question! Are you going in the direction that will direct your family in a spiritual direction to change their lives and their children’s lives? Are you creating a Legacy and breaking the chains of a old one. Or are you living for you, for this world, in this world, with this world.

      I lived a different life in my 20’s and my 30’s

Than the life and the journey I walk in my 40’s

It took a lot of endless prayer and seeking out unanswered questions from Ministers. With out this great woman to pull me from the Hands of the Devil and working for the world. I may still be there. 

      I want to leave you with this. Every step of one’s path is part of a bigger journey. It’ll be your story, own it and tell it. Word for word, Truth by Truth… My story is long and rough at times. My family raised me well.  Im thankful for that. Special thanks to Shawn Freeman AKA Shawn Manson. I’m the one who made choices at different ages to walk and talk the journey I have behind me, present and as it unfolds. A story of spiritual rages to riches. Being beaten and held down by my choices. The day I picked up the word of God and took a baby step in the direction I didn’t want to go. He opened my eyes, he was always there. He saved me from death at the river, in the car, by the creek when I was knocked out. My eyes were opened that day. Opened to see his love in spairing my life for some reason. 

God Bless your Walk today. Don’t be overwhelmed, take it one day at a time.  

Jason Freebird Freeman