With out something challenging and tough in ones life, you would never be pressured to rising above your basic thoughts.

      With out your low’s, how would you comprehend the greatness of your highs. 

       When a interruption hits your life, look at the disturbance as a eye opener. As a chance to change directions. 

      As you continue to pick yourself us from the ground, consider it a chance to direct your path another way. God has a funny way of letting us know we are not to be where we are. 

       How many opportunities have you had to change who you are? Where you are? What you are doing?

      What are you thankful for? Can you count them on one hand and your disappointments with all your toes. 

      Being inspired and encouraged can simply be, being thankful for what you have and changing your direction in life if your failures lurk close behind you. 

      A lot of people are not thankful for waking up, seeing the sun shine, watching it rain or just listening to Mother Nature at its caulmest. 

      An ‘OL’ Wiseman once told me you must lose to your self to be taught. You will always Evolve with change, so don’t fear the next path ahead of you. Be kind and always rewind. You were once a baby grasshopper “Mater David Reese”

      Being thankful and understanding life’s challenges don’t come over night, some would say “I’ve been working on this path for 2 years and I see no change” I would ask them if they are on the right path? How do you know you are? What side are you on? The hand of the Yang and Yang. The battle of good and evil! Are you living for the world or only living in the world?  Some people can understand this, some can’t, some don’t want to and some just choose now to. 

​When someone tells you “you can do anything you want, be a inspiration, be a lawyer, an architect or even a engineer”  But not with out time and effort on your part. Think of all the wasted opportunity you let go of. Today is the day to change that all around. Think of this, Do you want to be in the same place you are now in 5 years? You will be if you don’t move. 

If you are able to be taught and keep a open mind/ then you will see thing’s coming before they reach you. Think like a Boxer and slip, dip, duck and learn to perry from what this world will throw your way……………… Are you ready?? 

Wrote by: Jason Freebird Freeman