When you give, you will receive The Stage has been set into play for years before I even knew there was a stage. 
     As many people can see and have seen, followers and interest has always gathered around the name since the late 60’s. Society along with the many hat’s Charlie Manson enjoyed built the Legendary always remembered and never forgetful or forgiving image Manson has left behind him and at this present time. Streaming continuous interest lays in society’s minds. Who was he then and who is he now? 

       The man behind the bars, the man behind the scene. The man that was the scene is now is in his early 80’s seemingly trapped behind forever locked doors. Little access to a phone and still does not receive all of his mail. Letter and art work continue to be passed around and sold all around him. His own mail, his own artwork. 
          Is he a giver to all who seek what he knows and has. What I’ve seen in the past 5 years of building a friendship with the old man is ” a game of chess from the little box, or cell block-4. His home. His sanctuary. The game of chess in his mind that the users think they are taking as he is giving while they are working. They work around the clock just to receive all the letter’s, painting, hair and music my grandfather has made.” 
         He asked me what I wanted a few years back?? What I needed from him? I answered “your already giving it to me” I just wanted to know him for who he was as the inner man slowly came to the surface. After all the years of not having the interest of knowing my Grandfather, while aging into a father myself and a husband I gained a interest to open a door that has been in front of me all my life. 
        With the intention to give. I wanted to give him something and receive something at the same time. Him and I have accomplished that in our own ways. Questions have been answered. Real issues have been put to rest.
        It was a give then receive point of interest. Not hidden purpose behind our contact. I’m not one of his sheep and never will be and he owes me nothing now. A bond has been set in stone now,when The generations collide.

Phone calls and letter may not be enough for me, when the time is right and my family is settled in. I will travel on the path to finish one part of my journey. To meet the open road and head to the West Coast.   ​

Jason Freebird Freeman