The Journey

Have you ever considered the transformation that took place in these wise man, maybe set in a foreign land likely as unbelievers of Israel’s God but,  by the time they stood before the holy child and bowed down to worshiped him .Matthew 2:11.  It was a real trip along roads and through cities, but it was also a journey of faith that ended up changing curious seekers into one’s who got to meet the savior your face to face.  This is a picture of how God operates in your life, the direction you walk step-by-step and mile by mile, until you come face-to-face with the Savior Jesus Christ!  so where are you on your journey of faith? Are you marveling at something God has done and you want to know more? Are you moving toward him slowly and steadily?Habe you started your journey and been sidetracked? Have you bowed to your knees before him and achknowledged him as Savior? Are you on your journey back home to take the good news with you? just remember wherever you are in your relationship with God through Jesus Christ there is always further to go. This is a journey with no destination until you are finally at home with him (


The eye of the hurricane is a peaceful safe place but as you move beyond the core eye of the storm,yoursure to be caught in the turbulent wins at different times in your life.  You will experience some form of turbulence where everything feels in violent destray but that’s all part of growing in your faith.  Your trust and faith in God will become more present when God is growing you to a new level. Your world can feel like a stormy wave crashinging into the forever changing reef under the Ocean face. It’s during those times you must ignore your circumstances and keep your focus on Jesus,  like when the synagogue roller’s daughter died and the people kept saying it was too late because she was dead.  Jesus ignore them and said to the ruler” do not be afraid just believe” Mark 5:36  you must ignore the circumstances and the naysayers in the world and just believe the promises that God has given you. We all know The World breaks everyone and afterword many are strong in the broken places. (forward to arms) the enemy will stop at nothing to try to destroy you but you must draw closer to Jesus during Those times as you walk through the storms. You will grow stronger and he will help you to stand. (

     At times we may feel as if we stand alone, but we stand for what we believe in, So we stand. I’m a empty place at time. To awake to a crowd of believers all around us as one. No need to stand alone when we are all seeking the same ending. JFM

Jason Freebird Freeman