Proverbs:18….I will love you oh Lord my shepherd, the Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliver, my god, my strengths, in whom I will trust,my shield and the horn of my salvation,my stronghold. I will call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised; So shall I be saved from my enemies. And everybody in agreement say Amen. 

         We know God is good all the time. It’s what’s between our ears that gets us messed up. Or we open our mouth when we should of paused and listened. We all can find a 100 ways to beat ourselves up, and very few of us take a all of our situations and lay them in front of God. What I mean is just say a little prayer for understanding. As we battle daily, we sit and try to figure it all out ourselves. We’re just treading water. And the water is only 4′ deep. The lord wants you to plant your feet. Stand up, be firm in understanding. We don’t have to fight the strongholds daily. We don’t, but we lack understanding, so we do. We fight these daily battles that we are already forgiven for. But there has been a seed of doubt planted in our minds that we keep watering and feeding daily that’s the only reason it is still alive. Place those strongholds on the Lord and let him relieve you from all your stress and anxiety. Can we all do that this morning together as one and make this day a new day free day in our mind to enjoy our lives and our family. Each day is a new day and each new day this is how I start my day and I wanted to share this with you in hopes that we can do this together.  
       Do you have to have the A/C just right. Always have your blanket and pillow just like you want it.. Do we have to make our coffee just the way we like it before we can enjoy a cup.  

       Most of us are the same in many natural ways. Everyday we look to create our comfort zone. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and have that mindset of a perfect comfort zone no matter what we are facing. With Christ who strengthens us should be our comfort zone. Knowing the battle has been won for our lives, we are just walking out the daily steps God intended us to do. Or are we just merely existing. 

       Are we ready for the curve ball, a slider or are we always expecting a straight pitch for us to hit every time. It not easy stepping up to the plate…. Most of us would rather be in the stands or watching the game from home…Not really feeling the pressure that life wants to lay on our shoulders. We will avoid it to stay in our comfort zone as much as possible.

         What if you held a explosive experience in life that was such a major key in your Local community??But your sitting on it. Hiding it tucked away for no one to ever see or hear of, something that’s tucked away in your comfort zone. What if coming out of your comfort zone could help change hundreds of lives! Well? Can you make a life changing choice?

         If we are only tested by our daily events that everyone’s faced with.  When why can’t we step outside of our comfort zone’s. Are we just that weak and valerinable. IDE like to think not, we all may have lost some hope through rough times or bad choices!! Our faith and growth is tested under FIRE  it’s a known and proven fact, when your in line to move forward you will be tested under fire.  You will rise, or sit there. You’ll make a choice to be a shaker or a MOVER. I Believe in you….We have to be tested in life to build strength. If we are not tested and trained up right. We will fail and we are actually weak in areas we need to have the strength to fight through. Someone out there reading this is asking right now “Where do I go? Where do I turn? How do I get out of this place I’ve put myself in? Just do what I did, drop to your knee’s and pray like your talking to your best friend that’ll cast no judgment on your past or your present. Then aim for a Future you can raise your head high with a smile. That’s just what God intended for us all. Step away from who we were and jump out of our comfort zone.      The enemy will come to seek you out, find your weakness and use any weakness to pull you back to your little box of fear and doubt. It’ll be new friends, old friends, placed and additions. As you feel the cage around you begins to get smaller and smaller. Where do you turn for help, maybe wisdom to lean on to make some of the right choices

       Trials and overcoming forces us to rise above. Makes us fight when we think there is no fight left in us. Gives us strength for the future to overcome new battles. Some that we would of fell face down on if we didn’t stand and fight through the smaller ones we face today. Don’t let the enemy hold you down, pull you in the closet of fear. You will never experience what God has planned for you if you don’t come out of your comfort zone and build up your strength. That strength will help others, built charictor and the Holy Spirit will have that chance To move with and through you as God has always intended.


He who has knowledge spares his words, And a man of understanding is of a calm spirit.  

Expand your Comfort Zone 

Stand and Fight

God Bless

Jason Freebird Freeman