Easy Walk

When I look back, I see friends laughing and easy times shared. The paths were smooth and the ride was easy to be on. We had no cares in the world, just what pool we were going to swim at for the day…what group of friends were coming together for that weekend or what local football game we all attended. It was easy and it was fun. But most of all the friendships were innocent and non judgmental as we grew at a young age. Easy was right there…
As I personally look back, I wonder where Easy went. Easy was a best friend. Come and go as we please. Chase a pile of leaves, roll down a hill, Easy was there and we lived it. Life wasn’t extremely hard. The challenges we faced were just steps in a long walk of life. All the time we spent with friends and loved ones made life so Easy…

Now that Easy has left our side many years ago, we became friends with Hard and rough. I learn through out my years of being friends with the hard life and Mr.Rough. I look back and see that choices and cross roads became my enemy. The works of the one raining down on our lives as we choose to go this way or that way. But we still choose. I’ve fought for the past 12 years after Easy left my side. I fought to stand back up after being knocked down, I fought hard and learnt how to hold my head high, instead of putting it in the sand and just waiting for the storm to pass. I wasn’t friends with this new friend of mine. But my choices made us closer and closer. As I sat in some of the roughest places I wouldn’t want to see my enemies in. I prayed for understanding as I walked those paths out. There Laid choices right beside me. I made my choices to be where I was. My eyes were open to see that I put myself in the place I had to call home. It hurt, it hurt bad.
Now I see at the age of 40, that these next 10 years can be like my 30’s just by choices. I’m finding a new friend now. He holds the right choices in his Left hand (close to my heart) and the wrong choices in his right hand, he has a very mean right hand…That new best friend is me, myself. I finally caught onto that the choices I make and the actions I take reflect back to who I am. The path I go down is placed on me by my choices. I feel myself fighting weekly to stay strong. It’s harder at times than other times. But I’m free with victory. I see a old friend off in the distance and he’s walking toward me now. We all know him, we just choose to take a different path do to shame, conviction, pride and many other words that define why we run away from Easy. We were all friends at one time. Easy was our way of life and never left our side. Easy has always been there while we hit a cross road and went the other way.
As I watch my days come and go I often wonder if I’ll become close friends with Easy down the road again. I can see him, I can feel him in my heart. I know where he lives and I ask him to never leave my side. As he looks so far away, yet he walks with me everyday. I made that choice to hold his hand and place him in my heart. Easy told me he has never left my side. That he sat back and let me made my choice and enjoy the ride.. as I took the other path. I often wonder why I am still alive. Easy told me because you’ll save another life. As we grow and our heart become hard, Easy stands within us to build this place he calls home. He holds us as we fall, as we stand in victory or as we crawl. Easy now shows me I can rest, and that I don’t have to end up hurt and lost like some of the rest. We are strong but weak and walk like sheep. Easy told me that the path I took was to become the man I am today. As he sat beside me and I thought I was all alone. Easy placed seeds that are now grown. If I now make the thing called choice, to walk the other way. My garden will not be watered on the foundation Each and every day.
We can choose to be defeated and believe our minds, slow down and listen to our Hearts. Our Hearts tell a story of pain and doubt. But they also carry strength and courage that may seem faded and gone away. So reach out and grab that hand of Easy and thank him for another day. Take each day like its our last and enjoy that we don’t live in the past. If I can only walk the words I say, I will enjoy this wonderful day.

I’ll do the same as we face this new day.
Thoughts and reality from the Hearts
By:Jason Freeman

Frontline Warriors Outreach