Church of ATWA service, Sunday July 10, 2016. In service to all who serve, protect and nurture Air Trees Water Animals.Invoking strength, truth, honor and loyalty in our struggle for life and liberty on this verdant planet Earth.

Q-‘Let’s talk about mind-control.’

C-“First of all there is no such thing as the individual mind. There’s only THE mind, and THE mind is all. It is everything.

It is Buddha, it is Christ, it’s the Devil and it is God. 

It’s where the music comes from and it’s where all the sex comes from, and the energy of life comes from it….”

Q-‘Why are you in solitary and not with the mainstream prison population?’

C- “I’ve been in the mainstream just a short time. They have the fear, they have the guilt. Every time you do somebody wrong, you feel fear. You feel guilt. I was sentenced to death, but I got no killing coming. I told that to the judge and I will tell the world again; I know, God knows, and the Holy Spirit knows.”

Q- ‘You think you got an unfair deal?’

C- “Let me ask you the same question. Do you people think you got an unfair deal? You got a guy up there representing the people, and he picked off your whole generation. I am talking about the District Attorney (Bugliosi). I put an ad in The Free Press for defense funds, I got $14.93. Some woman put an ad in the paper for a dog with a broken leg, and she got something like $8,000. It’s partly the public’s fault and partly the system’s fault, because they cover up the truth. You say to the lawyer, ‘Let me tell [it] like it is,’ and the lawyer says 

‘Oh no, we can’t sell it that way.’ 

When the District Attorney can make himself millions of dollars on a defendant, what does that do for the initiative?”…

Charles Manson

-excerpts from an interview with High Society Magazine -1985-

All The Way Alive