I remember seeing the judges all around me most of my life. It was a continuing judgmental environment I grew up in.  As I move around through out my years I’ve seen way to much waist. From Major construction sights to the Oil Field. Making trips to the landfill while working for myself really open my eyes to what we were all contributing to.

I quickly asked myself,” where does all this so called junk go all the time?” It was simple, it all built up right where it laid. I did a little research and found out that my home town state of Ohio takes on a lot of the East Coast trash, New York, Jersey and many other states on the Coast that are at or lower than Sea Level.

A Minister on Sunday made it so clear that Blessed Morning. As he began speaking about how we spend our hard earned money, He says  “the price tag that you have at the counter will be on a hill in no less than 6 months.”  He was so right. I caught myself taking toys and cloths to the Salvation Army. Making trips to the good will. The focus was not to share with others. I just want to make a move to keep my stuff out of the landfill. What’s going to happen when it’s full. We all know it’s going to be, they will use our farm land to dispose of what we all call trash that we used our HARD EARNED CASH for. The contamination already hits our water supply, contaminating our air along with our wild life

If you would dig through what most call trash, you could fully furnish  many home’s in less than a week. Share what you receive with others and cut down on waste that makes our country weaker.

We all know when we throw something away, if it can be recycled or not, we still make that choice to recycle or put it in a Landfill. Since I got to know my grandfather a few years back, my mind thinks of what we as a family throw away daily. Our recycle cans are always over flowing. Yes,we could all do more. My grandfather told me to just do what I’m doing and teach my boys, you’ll never save the world. Just train the young ones.

One question, and I’m looking for answers also!😅should every household be judged on what they have placed in their trash can? Fined in someway, each county has to reach a number of fines to cover cost and over head to keep the county or state funded. We all know it’s choice. Inner choice, I get it. But if its for the better of the community, the world and the future of our off springs. What should we do. Clean a highway, a Lake, beach side?

As we all see, the Government has their hands in all we do. Everything we do, everything. So? Is going green just a sales gig for consumers or is it real. We are not going green as consumers think. All that disposable stuff still packs the shelves approved by our great country. Don’t get me wrong I have seen landfills that do the extra step to split up a lot of the material we just payed for last week.

What if, what if a personal conviction just hit us all. A vision of our children’s children living in trash like a 3 rd world country. That vision could give people a different drive, a movement for us as people. World wide not just in Tuscarawas Or Manatee county.

This issue is just one of the many issues we face daily. We all get consumed with the fast life, and we want what we want right now or we are frustrated if time does not work in our little time bubble.

Share or write back if you feel drawn to. This is a great topic and this may hit your heart to share ideas, not frustrations, just ideas. Share your thought for us all to see.

Jason Freebird Freeman