An invocation and prayers for peace and harmony between men and women who live in honor and truth.”…My money; my estate, my legal, my law, my God and my Country. 

My grandfather and his World War, and his army and his chain of command and the people who make sure that this country is on balance; that their navy is floating and their ships are at sea, and doing the will of our courts, our country, our government, our graves and especially all the soldiers who have gave their lives for the word ‘honor.’ Honor, if it is not honor, this country, this economy, and this world is completely doomed by all means necessary, because God is great, and there is no doubt about his grace and his wrath.

And it’s understood that this small episode of information is like a teardrop from the devil’s eye that says to all people who can speak the English language, that this episode that you’re reading is not sham, it’s not shuck, it’s not act, it’s not TV show or interview or play, and it’s certainly not your leader, Oprah Winfrey. All the girls are afraid of the big black lioness of Judah who cannot fight the jackal without the male lion.

The Zoo is our primary concern, with animals breathing air. We need air for the animals, and we need the animals to get back to Africa, to put the animals back on the ground, where Mr. Frank Buck took them off the ground for Hollywood and money, greed, lust and comfort, and passion that has murdered the soul of the liberties that man has fought for, for his God and his Country.

We must look towards the America as one episode, for all life on Earth is threatened by the war from pollution, and has reflections of mankind’s mis-use of atmosphere and the life-support systems on this ship of Earth.

We must do the things that we must do. That doesn’t mean there is a choice in the matter. The choice is only in HOW we do it. We must DO it.

How we do it is an episode that each mind and each intelligent life-form must work out for themselves. They must work these things out any way that they can, for the love and life that they see is their own family.

The family of America. We must concentrate on the continent of America in order to unify our money, our perspectives, our social order, our lifestyles and the things that we must do in [the] time that we have, which is not much. We have a small amount of time left…”

Charles Manson – excerpt from “ATWA” Booklet – 2011


All the Way Alive