Sink or swim is based on real life evens and situations that will cause you to Sink or Swim. 

       As we all know from experience, when life comes at us at 100 mph. We are challenged to rise or fall. Stand and fight or lay down because it’s easier, or your just tired of fighting. This walk is a classic memory that our parents, grandparents and great grandparents have walked through already. I personally enjoy talking to a older couple or a older gentleman. Always with a glimps of hope that a couple words of his experience will water the seeds that have been planted inside of me. The many seeds through my life are my mother, wife and kids, Gods Word, Master Reese, Randy Linsey, Phillip, Jock, Roy, Kevin, Chuck, Jack and so on. Those seeds are much wider that what I named, then I look across the board at the seeds God layed on my heart to plant and share. The lives I have gave hope to and believed in, when they were giving up on them selves, I was not giving up on them. As many many others never gave up on me.

        It takes a real Team to get your ship to swim, I’m living it now, learning to understand myself more, my wife and my boys at home. Being at the age of 39 I’m coming to realize that my young adult years are behind me and it’s time to Step back and look how far I or we have came. I look at the past image of the growing pains and I have learn so much just off of the struggles and battle scares through out life. The scares I left on others are also in this book of life. Scares that take years to heal. I talk about scars because that’s a lot of what we as people leave behind without really knowing they are there as much as the people who carry them.

          Did you ever think you would be fighting to save a child, help a neighborhood, impact a community. Water dead seeds, and pray over them to see them come to life right in front of you. As we walk and look around, life is so alive. People are sinking daily, swimming weekly and fighting every minute of their lives. Giving hope to others, creating oppertunity, seeing people get up just to climb their own mountain becomes real. As I am inspired by many, I have inspired as well. As you water seeds and plant Gods garden in your walk. You will find yourself working more in Gods favor and your worries will fade and your personal ship will sail, not sink. 

       This world has most of us stuck in one spot that we feel is the end. We accept defeat so easy not knowing victory with our small goals in life are just around the corner. Seek and help those around you not to sink and God will lead you on your swimming lessons through life. Help you guide your ship, direct your path. Until your supernatural eyes are open, you will not see how much God takes the wheel. 

Sink or Swim

By: Jason Freebird Freeman