The only way you can survive; you ready? The only way you’re gonna survive; if you take something from the Earth, you’ve got to give it back!You don’t need a government to tell you that. You don’t need a leader to tell you that. 

God’s inside of you. And God’s telling you; everything you take from the Earth, you’ve got to put something back.

That’s what’s so dirty about the preacher. He’s hiding that.

You were told; if you take a hundred precent, put ten percent back. If you take a hundred apples off the tree, plant ten.

That’s not hard. That’s very simple.

That’s the key to the survival of the Earth.

But not only do we take a thousand apples and put nothing back, then we come with saws and chainsaw the tree down.

In other words we’re just taking and taking and taking and taking, and we haven’t put anything back.

Because the preacher says give me ten percent.

And that 10% we give the preacher and that tax we pay the governor and the president and the government, that’s what’s destroying us. We’re destroying ourselves.

You know, I sit here and I open up a bag of cookies, and I throw the paper away. And then I take the spoon of sugar, and throw the paper away. And then I use a creamer and then I throw the plastic away.

And I look in the garbage can and I say this is our life in here, you know? My garbage dump is the world, man! And we’re just throwing it away. All of our resources we’re throwing away. 

And I see the cars driving by going nowhere. He’s [prison guard] taking a piece of paper across the yard for nothing. And I see all the things that we’re doing, and I say “The human beings are destroying the whole world.”

But I also see that God is in the human being. and I think the human being is going to straighten it out; or not exist. 

So which is it?”

Charles Manson – phone conversation –

All the Way Alive




Jason Freebird Freeman