I often wonder when do we get that rest. Is there such a thing as rest. I can tell you that I’ve learned balance in life can be your best friend, rest & relaxing will be right beside you at that point. Find balance you’ll find rest & relaxation sitting beside you!!The time and days,how they slip by so fast,as we sit in a dayz looking in our past. I daily wonder of my future ahead. The buildings I’ve built and watch them fade away. Gives me understanding, my steps were beside friends along the way. Time and people slip past, the only one’s that truely matter will always remain on your path. 

        Balance in Life/ I often relate the balance in life over to the level of stress that comes along with it. The more people and things, that means you have more in your circle or bubble. Carrying for my Wife and kids takes all one could have. I remember my mother being so mad at times. Now I truely see why. Balance 3 kids at home, 3 bogs, house and a business, personal goals,Godly goals, business goals. I’m told you seek out Gods purpose the rest will fall into play. Well, what if your mind is so wrapped around your daily task that you just can’t seem to slide God I’m the picture. That’s how I get a lot. I feel the Balance of life is way off at that point.  But I’m working on it. I’m not saying I don’t pray daily and give thanks, pray for people and visions. I do! But I lack his word daily, it needs to sink deep into my heart daily and continue to water those blooming flowers, trees, or garden he has for me. 

           These steps in life can overwhelm us all. Balance in life is easier than we think. We make it hard on our selves. My wife just made that comment to me last night. A vision popped in my head, to much up stairs will just cause confusion. Ok, makes sence. Less is not always bad. Like your grandma used to tell you, “Finish your plate before you get more” wow so true. It plays into today. Don’t have 5 plates full, maybe just maintain 2 so the balance can flow through you.  

I will say Amen to that, may everybody have a awesome week. Fresh start!!

Jason Freebird Freeman