When your travels land you right where you should be, it’s scary. It’s a little different when God has a plan for you ,what he has spoke to you about, really happens. I prayed for Audrey one day, a week later I knocked on the door of rSkelleys Pub for some food with friends. There she was. Audrey my future wife and I had no clue. “We are not open for another 30 minutes” Audrey explained. My foot was already in the door, the door was open. We were young, full of energy and hungry. I told her we would pay double, we just want to eat. As she rolled her eyes, we followers her in. Audrey and I got to meet for the first time January 18th. That night went well. We laughed like we were good friends, I would tip her $5 for every beer she brought me. Eating wings and drinking beer, she had plenty of $5 bills at the end of the night….. We had some good laughs as the night went on. 

            That’s what brought me back for the second and third night she worked. Like a fat Rat I was, feed me and I’ll keep coming back.

                 That’s  a old saying my ex-mother inlaw said to me while drunk off her ass. Sherry says “you keep feeding this mouse,  he will not go away….”.that story will be for another time.  When Jaelee is old enough to hear the root of the real is real story. Until then, may my Daughters days be blessed and watched over.

           The Soulmate that was reveiled to me was life changing.

You know what they say “Out with the Bad and in with the Good”when we met, the change had to start on my end.. I was rough, tuff and thought I could walk on water. She helped me see that I could only tread water 😫. 

        Audrey became my full time girlfriend. We spent every day together. If we were not together we found ways to be closer. Kinda like two wild Animals meeting and falling in love. If I could see her and smell her from a distance I was fine, she felt and still feels that way 12 years later. 

         Our 12 years together has had so many highs and lows. Trials of fire and sunshine. The experience has been priceless. We go though this life one time. Well, if your not nice, you may come back as a alley cat or a fish out of water. We joined hands 10 years ago on May 18th downtown Dover, Ohio. We are stronger than we ever have been.. The road behind us is a experience only we can tell. At times we have hung on with a shoe string while it was on fire, other times we stood strong beside one another. This road of a positive marriage has been  a give and take trail and error daily process. We learn with time that all situations, no matter how rough. They can be talked through. So when you look one another in the eyes, you have no doubt in your heart or mind that we will always fight for our Marriage.     

 For many years I was drawn to this woman of mine for many reasons that didn’t add up. She was God sent, I couldn’t see that. I was not in line with Gods plan,but as time moves forward “the steps of the travel unwind in front of my eyes.Then life made more sence.” When God opens your spiritual eyes, life become as real as it should be. 

      12 years together, you know there have been many days and nights to give thanks for. Then a lot you wish were not there. 

We made it, Audrey Capozella Freeman🙏😘We made it. Odds stacked in the Worlds favor and the Lord gifted us with Eachother. Thank you for holding on so tight. 

Sunshine and Rainbows Girl😎

Jason Freebird Freeman