As we drive down this twisted and Windee road I don’t know,I don’t know, sometimes I just don’t know which way I need to go… it seems so easy and other time so far away, as you see the tide come in and go out each and every day.the sun will rise the sun will set,are you going to settle beside the rest, is your goal so high and so wide, as you travel down this twisted Windee road.Life can be full of challenges and surprises but only when were on our toes the pain does not set in as hard,if you could learn to skip, jump,duck and dip. along with a  rolling slip,down this twisted Windee road. at that point you may not fall trip or end up on someone else’s ship,far far away is that path you would call home, can you take that ship and sail, can you take that boat ride,can you build that inner strength to be on the path that you decide. These roads are not for everyone you’ll see, so find the one, not the one that best fits me. Each person must find their way. It’s scary but thrilling all in the same breath of day. Is your boat ready to sail? If you wait for a crew, if you wait for the boat, if you wait for the chance, if you wait wait wait. Change your name to Wait. Are you a captain or first mate or are you meant to wait. 

 As the days come and go, we can be lost in the Sea of life. Spiritual eyes open on all who read my thoughts that you run though me. YOU are the one, you are the how, you are the start and finish of Where God needs you now. Pick up that body of yours. Don’t be weak and lay to rest. Way way to much work to do on this quest. Don’t be scared let your mind to rest, as the smoke clears you will not end up with the rest. Our days are numbers you see, don’t let the sun set with out giving your best. Your children’s children depend on you now and forever. As we depended on our great great grandparents. 

Live Like yourDieing, because you are.

Jason Freebird Freeman