Church of ATWA service, Sunday May 15, 2016.In service to all who are in service to Air Trees Water Animals.

Invocation: May gratefulness, humbleness, rededication and enthusiasm be attributes of our new selves.

Church member testimony : submitted by Gray Wolf-

An excerpt from the June 2011 interview for Nug Magazine.

Q. How did you first meet Charles Manson?

GW. “My first visit with Charlie was in the old Hall of Justice building in downtown LA.”

Q. What is your association with CM?

GW. “He is my friend. In addition, because his rights were denied in the courtroom in ’69-’70, I’m working along with others to see that those rights are restored. If they can take his rights, they can take your rights and my rights. As it stands now, if you don’t have money, you don’t have your rights in a courtroom; they do with you what they will. Our fathers and grandfathers suffered, fought and died for those rights. If we let Charlie’s trial stand as it is, we deserve what we get.”

Q. What is your role with ATWA?

GW. “My role is essentially the same as your role. If I can’t redeem my air and water from the pollution-machine-beast, I won’t survive.”

Q. Would you expand more on…[your belief] that Manson’s time in prison has given him a unique perspective on the environment?

GW. “Yes. He was left behind, buried, forgotten, and covered up with lies and deceit, His words and actions have been twisted and distorted to fit the media and Hollywood scripts played for ambition, money and attention. So, he has lived like a monk, like a bug in a cage for over forty years, and he has survived. He grew up with only the prison system as his father, and so it follows that his perspective, his insight, and his experience are truly beyond even our imaginations. In reality he has given his all to our will, and he is our best servant.

Charlie points to Air as God. We would do well to respect his vision. In truth, our lives depend on it. It all boils down to surviving, and to survive we must protect and nurture ATWA.”

Q. It is rumored that ATWA proposes eliminating humans in an effort to save the Earth. Is this true?…

GW. “Humans are eliminating themselves by destroying their own life-support systems, then they look for someone to blame. ATWA is not a politically correct concept or movement. It is well documented that in dire circumstances, humans will do anything to survive. What is the truth of our present circumstance? Who is willing to look at it for what it really is? Who is willing to speak the truth of what is? The truth is simple; those who want to live will work for Air, Trees, Water and Animals.”

Blessings of peace, awareness, strength and love. Amen

The world views jail as a place to put criminals. I agree, I’ve spent time. But my time locked up growing up, I had a spiritual eye opening while I was on a bad negative path. 

         I man told me yesterday, in his country they work to create and structure peoples lives. Our country, most inmates sit and sit, with no oppertunity for change. 

      In my path I took the system and had it help me keep my nose clean. When I started my probation period at age 11. It seems to carry on for most of my life. Till I was 27, the time I meet my wife Audrey. 

The Government has the system set up to cover tax’s payroll and for the poor to stay on bottom and feed them money every month. Millions of people in the Local court systems pay to keep their doors open and people working in their buildings. Don’t get me wrong. You do the crime you do the time, I get it. What I don’t get is how the system works just to keep the system moving. In some areas they build more prisons than they do homes. 

As I meet a lot of different people, cultures. My eyes open more to where we are as people in this world. We are all trying to make it, the poor and middle class keep the world rolling, the Rich shuffle the money that the middle class help create for them. We need all types to keep our steps moving forward.

Where ever you are “live like it’s your last year on earth”

God Deals the cards, We play the Hand we get!

Jason Freebird Freeman