I know we all have hit road blocks, detours or had to take a different path. Are you on your path, or still looking for it? The way your path is walked as you travel will make you or brake you. Define who you are while building the Inner you. 

         If being off track is the story of your life,you must change in how you think and react. Ive been blessed with a great Woman for over a decade now. She is my Rock and the mortar between my stones that I’ve built these houses on. God always being the foundation. I’m talking with experience and relating to some of my situations, along with others I see in my travels. 

      If your house crumbles, you rebuild it. Looking for mistakes, or a new builder😅. My walls have fell many times, I made a choice to never lay down. Always get back up. As you travel you lose and gain material things. Same in relationships. 

       The Inner Man!

You, the inner man is all you have. When you lay down at night, are you content and happy with your progress? Or are you still on the same chapter you were 5-10 years ago. I’m the type of person that has to smack his face off of the door that I need to open, ok I know I’m not the brightest apple in the basket. I know I’m worth the time. Time! People have invested time and money into me since I was a child. Looking in at the Inner Me has been a long road and challenging. Change, change and more change came my way. As my wife and I grew apart then back together, apart and back together. That’s what created our unbreakable bond. Till death do us part! This total transformation of my Inner Man has taken me through many many different situations from the East Coast to the West Coast. Having positive Christian filled people around me to sharing a room with recovering drug addicts. Through your battles in your mind, you become stronger or you become weak and just lay down. At the times you just want to lay down, that’s when the Inner you has to rise up. At your weakest point, find yourself. No one will pick you up, you’ll know when you need help. Don’t make the word Help Me become part of your weekly mindset. It’ll be there for the rest of your life. You will build it up in your head that you need help. Know yourself as you grow. Know when you need help! I was told by a wise man,(Phil) if God gifted you with 5 wells to tap into if you need it. Don’t suck the well dry. Only go when you need it. What I found off of that message, that I’ll always have in my heart, I can share some of my wells that God gifted me with instead of tapping into one. Time and focused on change will be your best friend. 

           I got in the habit of writing a lot of stuff down. From the jobs I did, to contacts and good ideas that people have created in their own minds to turn their situation around. I know we are all different, yet a lot alike. I have a few things for you. Who are you? What are you doing? Are you leaving a trail of shit behind or something to look back on with a little pride in your eye? Are you touching lives or crushing lives and generations to come. 

       The Inner Man or Woman starts with a honest evaluation of who you are. Look from the out side in. Ask yourself if you like you, does your kids like you. Do you need to change your actions or the way you think. Write stuff down. See your progress on paper. Here is a hard one. Ask others for real honest feed back. We all need it. Tell them not to hold back. This all will help define yourself, and find a few  inner issues you may not see. It might hurt, you may lose a friend. Or gain one. Just remember that if you want change you can’t keep doing what you are doing now. Change has to come from the Inner you.

Thank you and may God Bless your steps and the people around you.

Jason Freebird Freeman