Church of ATWA service, Sunday April 17, 2016. In service to all who are in service to AIR TREES WATER ANIMALS. Prayers of gratitude for clean air & water, & uplifting fellowship with strong and truthful brothers & sisters!

“You know what they’re doing to your constitution? 

They’re making a joke out of your constitution. Love’s not in you courtroom and God is not in your heart.”

Charles Manson – 1970

“If it wasn’t for the publicity, I would’ve been out of here and gone a long time ago.” -CM – 

I’m in jail because people wanna keep me in jail. It ain’t got nothing to do with the law..” CM –  1992

“A war against people will not help anybody. A war against pollution will help every body.” -CM 

“There is only AIR = All – Trees = The Water = Way – Animals-Zoo = Alive. 

All The Way Alive is one life-form on Earth. One god, and everything and everyone serving and working as hard and as fast as they can to make up for hundreds of years of lies, covering it up with wars and greed. There is only one god, and there is no other god but God, and ATWA is witness.”-CM-

“One Air, one Water, one Life, one knowing, one one, and no forgiveness for not knowing… One Mind, one Time, one Forever, one Always in the Hallways of MyMe.”

CM.   2010.

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Blessings and prayers for peace on Earth.


Sharing the roots of History. 

Jason Freebird Freeman