What do we have? It’s our image,character,your word as a person. That’s what builds who we are. That’s just the image people see. Who really knows me for me, or you for you? Most of the time the circle of friends and trust is so small that you can’t break the hands that are held together. We all go through life seeing people come and go. What if reality was God placed each person to cross your path for a basic or major reason. We may not always see the oppertunities that are placed in front of us daily. Maybe we are to busy to see God move in our lives, kids, jobs, dogs, neighbors, fixing your car to entertaining one another on date night. 

        I’m sharing a glimps of Gods move through this home, my house, my personal self. If you don’t know me, after this short article you’ll know a little more about who I am and what I believe in. These are all facts. Don’t mind if I jump from one to another. Nothing in order.

        Oil Field/almost got killed 2 week out there. A 3-4 lb.tool fell 85′ hit me in the back of the neck. 1.5″ from my spine.another time my life was saved, Freddy Cameron saved my life on this day. He wasn’t out there long in the Oil Field. But God placed him there on my team that day to save my life on that rig floor. I recall many many times God pulling me one direction, then my mind walking me the other direction. My path took time to see all the blessings, I guess we see them after they happen. Of course I’m blessed with a wonderful and amazing wife. 3 boys at home and a daughter and boy outside of our home. I’m a small business owner in Florida and I have 2 great employees. Teammates and brothers. All I have and all I’ve done have been a gift from God, my downs(to make me stronger)my highs(to show me I can reach my vision)then my daily walk always reflects back on Gods grace and being thankful for all I have. I’m able to provide for my family from the bussiness we started down here in Florida. 

My vision has only begun to blossom, the path is still being cut and prepped in. The roots are getting stronger and the people around my small circle water the garden as I water there’s. 

Enjoy this life and live like you were dieing. I’ve saved lives and I have been saved. Give a little/ give a little. You give a little he will give you a lot. 

Please! Live like your next year will not be here. Attack all your goals and dreams that you thought were to far away from your reach. There right in front of you waiting for you to have the strength to reach out and grab what’s yours. 

God Bless

Jason Freebird Freeman