As we all know yesterday made today and today makes what happens tomorrow. We can’t wave out Mother Nature. Blown tire or the job you failed to get. We can plan a little better. Check your tires, don’t blame it on something different. Plan the attack on that job your seeking. We all see the oppertunities all around us. A lady told me yesterday that people either live in fear or dout. Fear that they will fail or dout that they can achieve something better than the present they live in. That stuck in my head. I often wonder why I’m now sitting in Florida. I see the picture unfold or you can say, as the puzzle in life becomes a reality. 

          I opened this message based on where you or I am now. Ask yourself. How did I get here? Why am I here? If you know me, I’ll repeat that. If you know me? You’ll know that I live by the candle light method. We are all in the dark, God places a candle in my hand. Places his hand on my back, I feel a push. Then a book gets slammed into my chest. I hear him say “Find your way, I’ll never leave your side.” Ya right, I walk 3 steps and the candle goes out, I drop the book in the mud. I know a lot of us feel the same way in life. Shit, he left. No light and the book that has my map and keys to life is sitting in the mud. 

           Put yourself in those shoes. If your a believer or not. What do you do? Some will make a way to create a flame and burn the paper book, that’ll last one night, or two. Completely miss that the keys lay in choices you make and you just lost your map. The Word! 

        I only speak from experience when I write. As I wondered aimlessly through the dark most of my 39 years. I tripped, fell, got hurt, almost died many times. Drugs, jail and love. I say love because no matter what I was facing with I felt Gods presents before I even knew him. I didn’t grow up understanding Gods glory and mercy. I had to experience it for myself.  As I layed at the bottom with nothing. He was at work in my head and in my heart, changing me from the inside out.

         I can’t and will not ever be perfect. I’m sharing this because I see young kids die, over drugs or money for drugs,ones who never got to experience life. When you make it through each battle in life, that’s where inner change is made. I know right now that someone somewhere is saying “If that Jason Freeman guy can change then I can change.”

Make change a reality before your wood box is your final resting place.

Jason Freebird Freeman