Church of ATWA, service, March 13, 2016. Prayers & meditations.Prayers for peace & understanding between people’s & nations. 

“The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.” –

Fyodor Dostoevsky, Russian author & philosopher, from 

-‘The House of the Dead’- 

— now from CM…”Whatever I possess is considered contraband, as held down on me by the interpretation of people who don’t abide by their own laws. Whatever I do is illegal and against the law, as the same type of bureaucrats just make up laws to to get around the laws that they made up last week.

I’m allowed to do nothing. Whatever I do is not permitted by fear, lies and confusion. They have taken my watch away 5 times, and gave it back 3. They keep taking it, and each time they run out of time, they run and get my watch.

The Program Administrator gave me a recording machine because I had a music program in San Quentin. Everybody knows I’ve recorded in San Quentin, and in Vacaville I had a music program with a recorder.The Program Administrator gave me permission, but jealous and incompetent people who wanna put their rock and roll bands in front of mine, take mine and say that the Governor said I can’t do this and the Governor said I can’t do that. And the Governor didn’t say anything, because the Governor’s a movie star. He’s making movies, he’s reading scripts; he’s not saying anything. He didn’t say anything in his whole career. All he did was say what was written down on that thing that they read to the public…

They control the minds of the public from the schools that the Koreans are already taking over, and the Vietnamese have taken over, and the Mongs have taken over. And all the people that were running the United States, they’re hiding in Wall Street. And the Pope is even trying to get away to Buenos Aires, where Hitler was hiding after the second-world-war in the Brazilian jungles. They’re chopping it up, and they are destroying the planet Earth; Air, Water, Trees and Animals. And that’s why they don’t want me to have a telephone.”

-Charles Manson-

Benediction: blessings of light and truth in the lives of all.




All the Way Alive