Jason is/claims to be the grandson of swastika carved into forehead Charles Manson. Jason admits to temper/psychological issues. Me:based on letter I’m reading, I am a honored 5 th degree black belt in Mixed Martial Arts. They stated I Admitting I have temper issues. Sorry ,one check in my favor there. I only attack when attacked first. I’ve been trained for years in Martial Arts and competed for over a decade. Every step was well worth it. I’ve built character along with a lot of respect across the United States based off of my performance and respecting others. It would not be a issue at all to have thousands of letters stating who I am as a person, loving father and husband. Ok enough defending myself, I feel like a undereducated Lawyer right now.

        Next line they say that  I see nothing wrong with Manson and I pass his words of wisdom to the public through my wordpress.com.  

Ok, they say I pass words of wisdom, that makes me feel a little better. So maybe this mass mailed letter is giving me a opportunity  to share my story. I don’t really carry a consern with the negative approach I see in this letter, I’m geared toward the positive right now. It’s getting good.

    Then I go onto read about talking about my book and not embracing myself in the dark side of the world, but putting God at the center, I’m telling you right now, God made the choice and pick us to be here right now, we would not of been able to transfer from our hometown community of Tuscarawas County Ohio to Bradenton Florida. I should just add my social and my address on this also, blood type. Who ever got personal with my will see the return favor. I have a very very good friend who likes sit in the court room so I don’t have to!   

Then the letter states that I’m influencing desiples to come to Move to Bradenton Florida. Desiples is taking it a little deep. I have a lot of friends, always have. And my grandfathers blood line and roots have always layed inside of me. His and her parents. It’s called history and Breaking a Historical family Curse is God’s focus for me. CM Sr. Locked up for life. CM Jr. Death by shotgun. Jason FreeMan-son, focused and highly determined to pull away from what set those 2 men away from society for good. 

     Then they go on about my fearing dogs barking while I’m at work through my bay. Yep, 2 outside and the badass inside. I was already robbed on time on Thanksgiving morning, beat the shit out of one guy and I let the 3 go out of compassion, and the drug addition across our country. Everyone needs slapped in the mouth every now and then. No need to wrap young kids up in the court system and fuck their lives up for the next 10 years. 

They we go to page 2 that has a message board from FB with a pic of Florida. My wife taking to a friend of ours about how nice it was here. (Desiples, followers) are her parents followers! Oh wow this is growing, I’m getting so pumped, we may reach 6 followers by 2020. I’m just so focused to carry the positive words and encouraging to others. For the record, I don’t want any followers, no weird stuff. If any articles and written letters encourage you to become a better person and help others, then I’m contributing just a little and I always want to help out on a bigger scale.

I want to thank who ever is in the community for sharing a small glimps of who I am and my Beauitful family, dogs also. If what I share is wisdom or throw away, just make that choice right then. Share or delete. 

God Blessed another day for all of us, stay strong in your times of stormy weather. The sun is near have no fear.

We have more than Dogs here in this house. We our protected by God and guns. Legal rights work in favor of the people for the people. 

Good night,

Jason Freebird Freeman