I’m seeking a little help from people who knew my father Charlie Manson jr AKA Jay white. I’m highly interested in big or small tails of the tape on his personal journey. I’m working on a book of my steps and my fathers story will be highly interesting for the world to follow along with mine. We are all the same, as kids we are given freedom to soon😀or not enough and that’s what forms us into young men or woman. Charlie Sr. Didn’t not have that chance. His home were the streets and if you slip, you die. Then I see jr as a major victim as the first born son to a well know so called killer boogie man. Then you got little Jason Freeman, I was told for years to leave the roots and rocks over top of your roots alone. Well I can’t anymore, so I need you all to help me create the unknown steps of my father. Please, no false information. I can not use it for my next book, don’t take your time to send fails info, only truth. Truth hurts and it’s real, real is all we need in life. This message is and will be life changing for many many people. When you tell your story, you breath life into your Testamony. That’s what God wants from us, to be set free from our past or Family history.Gods placed this stage to be worked off of, So lets get to work !

Here is my email or in the future I’ll have a PO box to drop letters if you want to.


Please think back, you may have known someone who ran around with my father, every piece counts!

I personally thank you,

Jason Freebird Freeman