Church of ATWA, service, Sunday 02-28-2016. In service to all who are in service to Air Trees Water & Animals. Amen. With thoughts & prayers for our strength and purity of will, in action, to cleanse our selves & our Air & Water of toxins & pollution.! Amen.

“My money; my estate, my legal, my law, my God and my country. My grandfather and his World War, and his army and his chain of command and the people who make sure that this country is on a balance; that their navy is floating and their ships are at sea, and doing the will of our courts, our country, our government, our graves and especially all the soldiers that gave their lives for the word ‘honor’. Honor, if it is not honor, this country, this economy and this world is completely doomed by all means possible, because God is great, and there is no doubt about his grace or his wrath…God is God, and you cannot get around it. It’s got to be what it must be in order for it to work. It’s not a difficult thing to understand…Its the alpha, it’s the simplicity of; the power controls. The power is intelligence. Intelligence functions. Nature is natural, and must be in order for it to be, it’s not a complicated equation…

We’ve got to come back to the Earth. We’ve got to come back to the natural of the Earth …Each one of you must realize, what I’m saying is what you are saying. Your saying this. You’re talking to yourself here. You’re looking at the world and you’re saying ‘what are we doing?’ What are those automobiles doing to our atmosphere? Look at all those automobiles… What are we doing with our heat? What are we creating?… Realize that you’re the only one there is, that without you doing it, that nobody else is going to do it. Without you picking it up and carrying it, nobody else is going to carry it. You’ve got to carry it.”

Charles Manson –

excerpts from “ATWA” booklet – January 2011.


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