Church of ATWA, service, Sunday 02-21-2016.All The Way Alive 


“Crime is anything that’s done against your survival. Any sin that’s against your life is crime.

The law is the will of God, the law should be respected and taken as God’s will, not something to be toyed and played with and used for bureaucratical hogwash of bull shit….anything that’s made in the law should be against the criminals that are destroying your air. The air is all you’ve got.

If you don’t come to the realization of your atmosphere…your atmosphere is dying faster every day because everybody that is play-acting crime criminals law, courts and religions are destroying the planet Earth in a holy war to destroy all life and hang it up on the cross with you dead god.

You’ve got to stop all the pollution or there is no life on Earth.”

Charles Manson

excerpt from statement 

-Air Trees Water Animals-

ATWAR for survival