Church of ATWA service, Sunday 01-24-2016. Thoughts, prayers & meditations in service to AIR TREES WATER ANIMALS- life on Earth forever-“The Real’s Real of TRUTH is much much more a monster than you can think. 

Your point of view & the thoughts created in your mind’s brain with what you’ve been shown & told is not on the same track-

TEX is a good Man a TRUE Soldier & he held his world word & has good coming- 

We were on a Re-birth before the action came down around us. It could have been explained but that is what they don’t WANT. 

The world is in all heads, as each sees it for with & by the self of god & the Ends of many is coming back to people for & with what they have put out- Goes Around Comes Around –

…a lot of people will not only give up their life but the life of all around them- God is on the move- 

… You were born in prison,  

your body is prison if your mind & Soul are in-slaved by programmed $ thoughts fears confusion lies…”

Charles Manson

Letter – 2012

I enjoy sharing a weekly message that I receive from a Friend that is and stands for my Grandfather since the 70’s. Some or all content may apply to your same thoughts and your walk through life. If we Stand for a True purpose in life, we will never fail. Failing comes at the point of failure. When you make that choice to just lay there. At that point, remember your still making that choice.

   Jason Freebird Freeman