Our trip to meet was interesting. It took a little time to come to a agreement and for the production company to line up the few other people that were going to be apart of this series of the show on the Travel Channel. I got to meet a young man that was into flipping cars. This car he bought was packed full of never seen material that gained him access for us to work together on the same show. When he recovered what was inside of the car, he explained that he was not sure what to do with the material that was placed in his hands for some reason. The material that you will see on the show that Zack and his production crew pulled together will amaze you. You just never know what you’ll find. 

        As we all sat behind the scenes waiting our turn for our interviews, I was able to share who I was and my relationship with my Grandfather Charles Manson. I was able to open up about the life my father had lived.(Charles Manson Jr. AKA Jay White) As we all sat at a table we compared letters and notes. Played out what kind of lifestyle and rough roads my Father had to of been faced with growing up. I went into detail with my vision of what it was like for Charlie Manson living on the streets, everyday life growing up and some thoughts behind my fathers death.  A few Reasons I feel he may have made that choice. I do have more based off  of his letters and my mothers input as I grew up.  Those reasons I will never tell. It’s to heart breaking. 

           This entry level oppertunity to share my purpose in life on National television has been a great experience. I’ve walked a path that should be shared, should be told. It carries a lot of everyday events that a lot of us have already been through or what we may be facing today. I’ll continue sharing my walk  with full intentions to help. I know   in my Heart that sharing this story will more than inspire many across the world. For the people that really know me from experiencing time together, you know my heart. The Lord has placed a strong giving and loving personality in this body. I see the same reflection seeping out of my grandfather. As I’ve gained a friendship with him and many others around him. I see how God has continued moving through him for most of his life. Tapping in the book Goodbye Helterskelter is helping me understand the case in detail and the purpose behind placing the wrap on one man. Society had to see someone go down and a great never ending story behind it. 

           I’m opening up more and more to give the viewers a strong view of who I am and my focused purpose behind my steps to give light on the 3rd Generation Manson name. I’m working to end this seemingly never ending circus of Crazy Manson stories. There has to be a light through all of this darkness.   

That Light is God Shining through me. 

Jason Freeman Manson