Church of ATWA service, Sunday 01-17-2016. In service to people who are in service to Air Trees Water & Animals.
“When you are handcuffed you are helpless & if there is no cop around that you can trust & someone moves on you, you got no protection.

People will not look at the true real- no one will protect me- I protect me & all the life around me- that’s why they kept PHU [Protective Housing Unit] on top of my life, so my protecting my life could be kept in keys & cages & the rats could use it for the Endless games & power plays of bureaucrats –

The hallway my life is in has a LARGE body; 65 years of service in the Chapel garden Cross government State CDC U.S. NIXSON TRUEMAN REAGAN DR’s serves USMC WWI WWII on & on world.

Lot[s] of people were riding on my train when the State got me from the [US]government prisons- They [wonder] why the money is dying; one reason: no Rights no rules, only fear & crooks.”

Charles Manson

Published:Jason Freeman Manson