I’ve been able to gather letters and Holiday cards from my Father. Pictures of my Mother and him. From what I’ve gathered, my father was a joyful man. A comic like myself. Enjoying life is part of what we all  need to do. A Question that bounces around in my head that’ll never be answered. Why did he die? Was it suicide or was it planned by others. I’ve heard different sides of the coin.  Charlie says he would of never taken his life, not a child of mine he said. It seems plane as day on paper. “He pulls over on Highway in Colorado,has a shotgun. Boom!  It’s over. Rosie and Charlie’s boy together Gone at such a impactful age of 37. I know there’s a lot more to his story. Details of why? What?. The biggest question to me  is. “Why leave all your family behind  with all these unanswered questions?”At that age I was scared. I thought I was going to die, some way some how. I started working in the Oil Field at 34, So many ways to die out there. I squeezed past death many times. Shit falling out of the Derrick to 1,000 lb pipe zipping by your head. I was 36 when my Grandfather first contacted me. He got wind of a basic little Book a friend of mine and I wrote. Knocking Out The Devil. Seeing we as people knock the Devil from our lives daily. Some satanic followers embrace the Dark side. I don’t and will not involve myself with that adventure. It’s hard enough keeping the little demons out of my head I live with now. I thought it was a clear name for a book title. My Grandfather thought different. He went on about how you can’t knock the devil out. “He lives inside of all of us. Sin will never die young man, you got to first die to your self man. Die to the flesh as God moves through you. He laughs, ha ha ha. Knocking out the devil is silly. Your not in the Ring man.”Charlie Manson. 

              Gods made me to be a self driven Man. A man of honesty, loyal and humble. I think that all falls under the Code of Martial Arts. Grand Master David Reese took his time with me for over 6 years. Worked in my corner training to sharpening my mental toughness that carried into my training for years. Together as a Team, I reached my 5th Degree Master Black Belt. Time is the only way to gain the understanding of life as a whole. It’s wrapped up of so many paths, and we are to find our way. 

         I’m turning my attention toward my family roots a little more each year. The path of my Father. His walk in life. Also my grandfathers steps through his travels. I’m always learning about my roots. The Roots that were not to be uncovered. I step out in Faith! With no fear in my walk and the desisions I make. It’s all God lead. He told me one day. (God)yes he spoke to me, plane as day. “I set this stage under your feet for you to help others”

Wow, yes I say the same thing! 

Jason Freebird Freeman