“Justify excuses & call them rules-call it law & order to get around other laws you broke in the name of Justice..”

Charles Manson           [post card] 

Church of ATWA service, Sunday January 10, 2016. 

Blessings and prayers of & for grace under pressure, strength of body & mind and empathy & understanding between people and peoples. 

In the Will of All.


“Work for what works for-

Real with what’s real for-

Real & Righteous with what’s righteous & real-

All is for Air life-

Self is ATWA on one level

ATWAR is DEA = D level

R is on D & works for AIR-

CM     [post card]

“We can NOT Stop war but we can push & pull it into a place where it fits-

How can we change the North & South war that’s been going on & on? –

Korea, Vietnam, Rebs, Yankees on & on- 

you can change it with a vote 

[$5 = vote for Lincoln, $1 = vote for Geo Washington, as held on MansonDirect.com]

 & re-do it for ATWA & put it down on the real troubles & serve & protect your life in AIR, TREES, WATER, & LIFE Animals Zoo Wild & clean up old thoughts left behind by people in graves.

Just VOTE & as the flow of money 

brings thought in the minds & ways of life can change & time to the godhead is a Joke.


Amen Amen

ATWA  All The Way Alive