Did you fart? That was my first question I asked as I let out a small one. I had no clue this shower would trap all of it in! She said “No I didn’t fart silly” then she looks at me. As if she made a mistake by sharing the shower with her husband. I quickly opened the door a few times. 

           We both laughed while the warm shower bounced off of us. I tried to wash my feet. Smacked my head off of the corner of the tile. My back hits and turns the cold water on full blast. We both laugh again. 

           No kids awake yet, wow we are in Heaven. Dogs are silent. Not a peep in the whole house. Just a little fight here and there to keep warm water on one another. Who would of thought a shower could be an adventure. 

        I’m a very lucky man to have a woman like Audrey in my life. She can lift me up or pull me back to reality. She tells me “only you can make a shower into an adventure”

It’s all about enjoying and embracing the moments in life. As for me, I let a lot slip by that I need to be thankful for. I capture a lot, but let a lot slip by. As if it never happened. When you have 3 kids 3 dogs and and and. You know what I mean. It’s easy to put your relationship on the back burner and just walk through each day. Not really knowing what your best friend likes to eat or goals in life. Audrey and spend that time to understand one another. She is a female, I’m a male. 2 different worlds. We both read a book about 4 years ago. 5 Love Language’s, this book helped us both see that are needs were different. What I thought she was wanting, yes! I was wrong. Im not wrong often, just ask her. She will tell you I’m a 60/40 kinda guy. 60% truth 40% bullshit. 100% Honest. 

         My Family and I are definitely being put through a test on many levels here in Florida. This place has Team Work all over it. If we don’t come together as a team down here, Dad (me) could flip out. I am so impatient and it’s really hard for me to relax. I catch a lot of things I need to change while down here for a solid month.  We as a family made a hard choice. The choice to keep me working in Florida and not go back to the Oil Field and work. We cut the solid life line from under us and flew from that point on Faith. Faith that a solid job would be in front of both of us so we can be together every day. The Oil Field job kept me away from my family for 5 years. Over half a year I was gone each year. This new oppertunity Living on the Gulf Coast will bring us to our next step in life as a Family. You can do all things with a Solid Leader and Team Work to make your Goals come alive.

Happy New Year

Jason Freebird Freeman