11 years ago I made many choices at the same time. I went through a devorce, ended up losing my little girl When my ex wife married my cousin and moved out of state. I had 2 women pregnant. One I wanted to be with(but not after getting out of a relationship with the ex wife, my guard was up)the other I did not. I married Audrey thinking things will improve. They have and they do. But that best friend is always beside me. My fucking Shadow. That friend that hits and you can’t hit back. 

      They will always be there. (Your choices)The Pain, regrets and the Pain that spreads from one side of my Head to the other. The judgments, the bones that people keep in their closets. Mine are out in front, on the frontline with me. In my face daily. 

        I’ve always ran a business. Working for myself has been my way of life. Not because I want to, because I have to. Most 2 time Felones are hung up on the same road. I made a choice to fight this fight face to face. If I can’t work with the public working for another company, I’ll start my own. It’s been hard facing my past. Like I said its in my face all the time. I’m creative, so I transfer it into energy. Knowing where I came from and not wanting to ever be where I was 5 years ago,10 and 15 years ago. 

         I’m getting tired, we moved our family to Florida to relax. We are here now. I’m not relaxed. I’m missing something. It’s my wife. I miss my wife. My choice I made 11 years ago is still in her mind and the energy carries through our home. It’s not going away. It hurts. It all hurts. 

Jason Freebird Freeman

We all are faced with life. It’s time to drop to my knee’s. Pray and be thankful