My Grandfather told me a 15 minute story line of how he’s the grandfather, the head. As the tree is formed  then you are the tail. That I need to follow suit and follow the family where the head is. I’m next in line. All I need is where he is. My family would be taken care of. He told me he has a amount $ to get me (us) where we need to be, close to him. 

         This went on as a highly detailed conversation from him. He wanted me to make that move out west. Pick up and roll on. Put the gravel between the Travel. 

             Now we’re talking about a man that has been locked up for most of his life. He don’t see what it takes to raise kids from the Baby on the floor into manhood. Based off of the Story line of what it took him and my Gramdmother to get to California, from his own mouth. I truly don’t see the planned move from Ohio to California being the gun holding hell raising race he played out.  It’s a money thing. I’m not one for hand outs. He offered the ride. I turned it down. I told him I don’t like hand outs and if it’s  ment to be, I’ll be out there before your card is pulled.

People ask the same question. What was it like growing up. 

          I’ve known all my life. It’s not a big deal. Charlie has to have family somewhere. For the people and friends that don’t understand me yet. I guess you never will. If your not wondering what’s going to happen Next,  you should be!

Always on my toes, Hands High thanking The Lord for all I Have.

Jason Freebird Freeman