“To some Game is Real, & they put themselves in game so deep that it’s all they are. Without game is more mind center & understanding of will of god Christ & his ways. The less one way is the more the other until you see all ways lead to the will of god & the understanding of ATWA.” CM. letter 2012
Church of ATWA service, Sunday, December 27, 2015.

“Crime is big business & don’t want the public to know what it’s about & won’t let the media tell the one for the money, Two for the show & 3 is always playing ready but never lets go.

They make up all kinds of lies & know you will believe whatever you’re told, because they won’t let you hear a lot, because they cut it off with money & crime, law, courts, prisons, fear & Religion.

You have millions of offices & people doing the same things dressed up different, wasting resources time money games. I say waste by the loss of clean Water [&] Air.

Paper waste[s] trees cut for the Death Wishes of Christians who suck the blood of saints & children in the name of Satan dressed up like priests& preaching.”
Charles Manson  

Letter. 2012


Prayers of thanks & gratitude for blessings. Prayers for strength, understanding & Peace.

All the Way Alive 


Jason Freebird Freeman