Master Reese sends me a great message. Mr.Scott and Mr.Rod have all honored me in to the Black Belt Family, so exciting. Years of hard work and I kept my nose to the grind. I see now looking back what it was all for. Than you David Reese!Hello Jason. I Went to  the Claymont Wrestling match Sat night. Exciting match. Claymont won against Walsh Jesuit. Seen Rod B there. Told him that I recently promoted you . Talked to him a few mins about it. He agreed with my decision to promote you to that rank. I told him since your backyard days learning to box, almost 30 yrs later to now, with all your training competing, accomplishments in wrestling, boxer, mma , etc , as a amature and professional, you had the time in, but not time in any rank. And your close to 40 now. I still put thought into it, checked my martial art books, got online, and made my decision based on all of that, and knowing you, and my instructing, & coaching. experience with you, to promote you to 5th Dan Master. Also not only as who you are as a martial artist, boxer, wrestler, but who u are as a person. I put some study into this because I am strict about rank promotions. I dont give it away. This rank was chasing you, you deserve and earned it Sir. Thats why I let you in 1st Dan rank a few years ago. To let you have time in rank awhile. Rod and I both dont move martial artist up in Dan rank more then 2. That is very rare to do anyway, Those Dan rank double promotions. So i looked at this way, He took his turn at getting you at 3rd Dan, I waited 6 months, took my turn at moving you up to 5th Dan Master. We both agree that is where you deserve to be at in rank. And so did Master Jarvis. Rod felt you should of held rank a long time ago. I also agree, but I wanted time to work with you awhile, I always want to make sure that a martial artist earning a Black Belt respects it and knows it is a prestigious high humble honor to have earned it. I know what it meant to you, to earn your 1st dan. And i did know that was how you was going to feel about it. Because that is who you are as a person. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SIR. THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET TO COACH YOU, AND EVEN MORE TO BECOME FRIENDS WITH YOU AND YOUR FAAMILY, GOD BLESS ALWAY’S SIR. 

When I receive message like this it draws me back to understanding why I have always been driven to work with others. Others to share with me the knowledge of life. He mentions being humble as one of the trademarks a Black Belt should carry. 

When you carry yourself in a different way, it stands out. I’m honored and thankful for all the people who have given me a chance and invested time into me. I will always give back!

Jason Freebird Freeman