I received a nice message today, here it is below.

We don’t talk about this openly in our family but I have a son who has been in and out of jail do to drugs and other things. I am telling you this because I want to say thank you for your books and blogs. If you ever wondered if you have touched or changed one person life you have. My son read your book and has been following your blogs and because of them he has made the first step to go to a rehab program. I don’t know how to say thank you enough for making your life so open and honest to others. He had totally hit rock bottom and I feared everyday that I was going to get a phone call that something happened to him. You touched my sons life and for that I will always be grateful.

   Thank you,

       That was a great well needed message I got this morning. Most of my life I have cared enough to share, and I received a lot more than I ever gave. This short story has inspired me. It helps me look back to see where I’ve been. The fights physical, mental and spiritual. I want to personally thank you for sharing some of your personal life with me and other readers. 

        When you share your story it helps release the guilt and fear that the Devil likes to hold you down with. Additions in this world will hold us all back from our goals in life. If our mental state is always clouded, we are losing our daily fight. When I get overwhelmed, my wife Audrey tells me “one day at a time” as she looks at the tattoo on her foot. When we were faced with our first 5-7 years together/ Rough bumpy road. She got that tattoo to remind herself that no matter how hard it is, We have been faced with harder times. 

“Just Take It One Day At A Time”      Audrey Freeman

Thank you, One more day down.

Jason Freebird Freeman