Sometimes it’s hard to grasp that you are where you are for a reason. Is every step of your life already maped out? Is our journey already seen by God? We wonder and worry as our days unfold. Not truly knowing what our next days brings. 

We all know our past! As our travel brings us good times and bad. Our past will always be there. I truly don’t think it’s there to convict us or hold us down. I honestly think it’s there to remind us of who we used to be and where we are today. 

For example: My family and I are all going through a tough transition point from living in Ohio, and now Florida. We could all count one issue we faced almost daily. Maybe not the 4 year old. He’s wide open. He does miss a few friends and family. My 10 year old, for sure, he talks often about the kids being mean at school. My 14 yr old boy. Same thing, disrespectful kids, yelling at teachers, no to what’s ahead in life. That’s where I was! My wife, she works in retails sale as a manager. Her’s is daily also. Me, I work around people that have a lot of money. A couple people I have been working for. I didn’t know I was to bring a bag of Rose peddles for them to walk on😱.

We are all in a different stage of our life. We are all faced with a new challenge, personal challenges. I know one thing. It’s making us a closer and more open Family. 

I’m working with my 2 boys in Boxing, I like to call it advanced Street fighting. I’m wrapping kicks,😫knee’s😮and soon to be elbo strikes also🙀. This is our time to talk about real life as we know it down here. 

After getting my garage broken into Thanksgiving morning, having to stay relaxed enough not to hurt any of these guys. This surprise has me on my toes even more now. The whole family, even the dogs will be able to spin kick a apple off of my head as our training continues. 

God Bless and Merry Christmas 

Jason Freebird freeman😾